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Crystal Tree for AHR

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My theme for AHR is seashells and crystals... want to use a crystal tree set up for entrance way... where guest sign book... where can i get a tree and crystals like this?... trying to avoid having to string crystals myself...


Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by ashrose View Post
I was going to do this... they aren't too bad to DIY:

Branches here:
Natural Branches

Here's a site that has instructions and a video:
wedding tree crystals, wedding crystals, crystal wedding tree


I was thinking of doing the same thing for my centerpieces however i spoke with the WC and she will be giving me a price soon? I know for Mexico u r not allowed to bring any natural flowers or branches (the branches must be plastic)

the instruction link u posted keep giving me an error message
is there any way u can PM...
thx so much

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thanks this helps out alot... i am actually doing the crystal tree for AHR... this will be at the entrance by the guest book...

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