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Mexico or Jamaica?

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That's a loaded question! LOL


I think a lot depends on where you are located and what your expectations are.


The Pacific coast of Mexico will probably more expensive than Jamaica if you fly from DC.


Pools at the resorts in MX tend to be a lot larger, but the Caribbean beaches have the white sand.


It was easier and cheaper for us to have a legal marriage in JA than it would have been in MX, I'm assuming because of the language difference and necessary translation.


You might also look at flight times. We were in JA in about 4 hours total, for both flights. I bet from DC you coud get a direct flight.


This is TOTALLY my personal thought, but one reason we chose Jamaica was because I always think of Mexico as being "spring break-y". I know that there are lots of beautiful resorts and it isn't like that, but my brain wasn't convinced. Now, I think we will definitely make some trips to various resorts, especially since I have seen so many great photos.

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i agree with Erin. It definitely depends on where you go. Parts of Mexico can be touristy just as jamaica can be.


are you leaning towards one place or another? Are your guests concentrated in one area? Jamaica is probably cheaper to get to from DC...

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i originally was looking at the riu chain in jamaica, but these are the reasons i ultimately chose (cancun) mexico over jamaica (despite jamaica being cheaper during my time of year and from my location):

  • in jamaica it's a long ride from airport to resorts (about 1 hr to negril, 2 hrs to ocho rios ... but if resort was in montego bay it would be very close)
  • cancun nightlife and shopping within safe walking distance from resort
  • many resorts in jamaica have the problem of "vendors" entering the resort beaches trying to sell you "goods"
  • no dreams resort in jamaica (hey, i'm biased ... at dreams there are no wristbands or restaurant reservations necessary, and more importantly, kids stay free!)

some pros for jamaica:

  • legal civil wedding requirements are less than mexico's
  • can be more affordable
  • reggae, rum, and jerk!
  • beautiful beaches

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