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In case you didn't notice my ticker...

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fabulous news lizz! congratulations to you and your DH! are you going to find out the sex when you can, or do you want it to be a surprise?

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Thanks for all of the congrats girls!


Mike has been wanting kids almost since we've started dating, so he's so excited.


Also, 2 of my best friends are due in October and my SIL is due in January, so I'm going to have my own little ready-made mommies group:)


Mike wants to find out what we're having, but I don't. At least for the first one, I want to be surprised. But I have 5 nephews and 0 nieces right now, so everyone in my family is dying for the first girl to be born. My SIL is finding out what she's having next month and I'm hoping it's a girl for both of our sakes!


I really thought it was going to take awhile for this to happen, so I'm still sort of in shock, but couldn't be happier!

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