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*Official chat thread for BIGGEST LOSER 3* (UPDATED WITH WINNER!!)

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#231 ButlerGirl08

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    Posted 28 July 2008 - 08:36 PM

    Good...at least I'm not the only one... I need to stop because it depresses me when it doesn't move or when it goes up.

    #232 nikkianddean

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      Posted 28 July 2008 - 09:42 PM

      It has stayed in the exact same place...and I can;t really complain since i am sipping wine as I write this - it's organic wine though which i am really impressed by!

      And I am sbout to devour a pizza for din-din....all i can say is that I have boot camp in the morning, so that should just about cancel everything out and i will still be right where i started :P

      Mr. & Mrs. C
      February 14, 2009

      #233 yamille

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        Posted 28 July 2008 - 10:07 PM

        I know better than to weigh myself because it totally directs how I will feel for the rest of the day- that's just me. For years when I was a dancer I weighed myself every other day until I just realized that it was completely unhealthy for me.

        I didn't work out yesterday or today but I did a spin class on Saturday that's called "hardcore spin" and it's an hour and a half!! I htought I was just going to the reg 45 min class... I was super sore yesterday and today I just didn't squeeze it in due to homework.

        I have been watching my food and trying not to snack as much. (the story of my life)

        I have no idea what to expect on Wed.

        #234 Kathie

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          Posted 28 July 2008 - 11:05 PM

          I think I had a good week. We'll see on Wednesday though. Could totally fall apart then. Good luck all.

          #235 ButlerGirl08

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            Posted 29 July 2008 - 12:30 AM

            Well look girls, even us taking the conscious effort to try and change a little says something about us.

            I really wish I had all the time and money in the world to work out and eat right, but unfortunately I don't. I gotta make due with what I'm working with... On the other end I look at it like this, if I don't win, my $15 will go to someone who really desearves it so it's no money lost... ya dig

            And soror, that pizza and wine (I don't even drink, just hungry) sounds good. Looks like I am at work tonight with again nothing to eat because of a hectic mess here and it being too late to order food in. Luckily we make English Muffins here so I can just grab them off of the line and munch. Now alls I need is some butter and jelly.

            #236 amyrak

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              Posted 29 July 2008 - 10:39 PM

              Well, I had a really bad long weekend. We went up to my parents lake home in the Upper Peninsula. My mom cooked it up all weekend, and of course I had to have some Gilberts ice cream, pizza, dessert...you name it..I ate it. So, I don't expect the scale to be my friend tomorrow. Who knows..maybe I'll be surprised since we did get a lot of exercise.
              Now this weekend my neighbors are throwing me a little bachelorette party..so it will be bad food, bad drinks. But it will be fun. I'm getting 2 bachelorette parties..how fun!!!

              #237 K&Rwedding

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                Posted 29 July 2008 - 10:46 PM

                I was just ready through this thread and am very excited to hear how honest you are all being about this contest. I have been working with a trainer for 3 months now and am finally seeing the scale drop, but most important everything is tightening up. Yeah!!!! I feel stronger and much better though again the pounds have just started to drop.

                My biggest key to losing 5 lbs in 3 weeks is eating every 4 hours. I set a reminder on my cell phone and when it goes off I have to have a hand full of almonds, celery with peanut butter, turkey roll or something small. This has done amazing things for my hunger and weight. I am excited to weigh in tomorrow.

                Best to all of you..... Keep it up. I am very motivated by your feedback on this contest.

                Rock ON

                #238 michelle08

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                  Posted 29 July 2008 - 10:58 PM

                  I feel absoultey HUGE but I'm tan so I've been calling myself Fat-Tan-Stic!! all day.

                  This is funny! :) I just suck and that is all I will say...I can't imagine tomorrow will be promising! ;(

                  #239 jrodsgirl

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                    Posted 30 July 2008 - 08:16 AM

                    Just wanted to wish you all well today!

                    #240 ErinB


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                      Posted 30 July 2008 - 08:34 AM

                      It has been BAD!!!

                      I haven't really started yet. The AHR was this weekend and we were surrounded by family. I was drunk a lot.

                      I was so hot at the AHR I only ate once and had 2 drinks. I was trying not to pass out. Satin isn't breathable, especially when you are running around and hugging 150 people.

                      We did our budget last night to see what we can afford to offer on a house. Looks like we won't have money for food, so maybe things will start looking better on the scale!

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