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Sol Tamargo photography, Azul Beach June 7, 2008

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Hi everyone,


My husband and I were lucky enough to have Sol Tamargo and her associate Diego shoot our wedding at Azul Beach hotel in June. She also shot our TTD session a couple days later at a different site, with some small ruins right by the beach.


She is everything you've read on this site! A great spirit to be around, very sweet and so amazingly talented. It is really interesting to see how she continues to get really creative shots, considering how many weddings she has shot (and how many repeat locations). But I guess that's what makes her stand out from the pack.


Anyway, I am still in the process of writing a full review of the hotel (one word review: great) because I have taken so much from this site over the past year (thanks folks!) and not given back...but I am also in the middle of an out-of-state move so it's crazy. But it is coming!


Here's the TTD. del Sol Photography Wedding Photojournalism

and the regular wedding pix:

del Sol Photography Wedding Photojournalism



(Thanks Sol!)



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Hey Michelle, remember mehuh.gif I got married the day before you?? It is so weird seeing these pics when I saw you that night!! The pics are beautiful! Hope all is well!


Jennifer (your azul friend)

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