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My orchid and plumeria bouquet is ordered!

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Originally Posted by niels408 View Post
Those look great! I've been looking to get something similar with high quality orchids. If you don't mind me asking how long from when you ordered it, did it take to actually receive the product once shipped?
It normally takes her a a week or two to put the bouquet together, and then a week to ship (to Canada from Florida). In my case she had to special order in the orchids for me b/c I wanted different ones than the ones she normally has in stock so it took closer to a month for my bouquet to ship. She is really easy to work with and obviously really fast.

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Shes the best! I actually ordered from her too and she was SO fast and easy to work with. I had to send my bridal bouquet back to her after evil boxer ate it and shes been so nice about fixing it, even though I know that shes busy!!

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I do have to make a comment here too....I have dealt with Roberta and she is great. SUPER fast shipping! She was very prompt and easy to deal with!!


The Natural touch plumeria is my favorite!!

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The OP's bouquet looks stunning.


I have a question: I really want a plumeria bouquet and have thought about ordering artifical since I've been told plumeria don't stand up too well in the heat after being cut.


In your posted photo, the plumeria look quite large, (i.e., not the same size as real plumeria). Did you order them this size on purpose, and do you know if the designer also makes plumeria bouquets in life size?


Again, your bouquet is stunning!

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