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Dreams Huatulco are there anymore brides?

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#191 nicole2010

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    Posted 22 November 2009 - 06:44 PM

    Hey Nadine,
    Thanks for sending the photographer info. We still haven't decided what we are doing. I am just waiting to hear back from Gabriela about the possible new hotel photographers.

    I was just wondering what time of the day you guys are going to have the ceremony. If its later in the day, are you having pics before or after. Also I was wondering if you know how we pay for things when we get there.

    #192 *Nadine*

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      Posted 22 November 2009 - 10:28 PM

      Gabriela told me that 430pm was the best time for us to get married so we would have enough time for pictures. Not sure what time the sun sets in March though. We will do seperate pics before the wedding and then the pics of our bridal party and us together afterwards. Not too worried about having alot of time for pictures of the two of us tho b/c we are doing a day after shoot with our photographer the next day.

      I think we are just paying for everything with our credit card when we check out.

      #193 kimvdp

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        Posted 24 November 2009 - 01:32 AM

        We are back from our wedding the day went by so fast, all the planning and it is done. When we first arrived we were meeting by Gabby's assistant to welcome us to Huatulco and to remind us not to drink any alcohol since we were getting our blood work done that night at 7:00 pm. Meet up with Gabby and she took us to see a wedding that was going on that night. The next day we meet with Gabby to finish all of our planning, since we had done pretty much already we didn't have much to do. We meet with the new photographer to see his pictures from the night before. We were a little scary since we had not seen his work but we were happy went we saw them. I still think Fabian picture were just amazing and could not get passed them but I really didn’t have much of a choose. The photographer is a young guy and his wife helps him out. They were both there for the wedding and get all angles. The day of the wedding I got my hair done at 1; 00pm, anything thing I was not sure about since I have had my hair done before in Mexico for my sister wedding and that was a disaster but it turned out really good. Just make sure you have some pictures on how you want your hair done. The make up turn out good too a lot of make up, more than what I would normal wear but she cover up my sunglass tan which were pretty bad. We had the photographer from the time we got ready till the some of the dance. His wife even went and took some pictures of the guys getting ready which was nice. We get married at 4:30pm on the terrace and we had the trio band there playing which was really nice. The day was really hot. We had the reception by the gazebo which was very private. The food was amazing. We had the surf and turf highly recommend it (From the gold menu). We had the three milk cake which is the Mexico traditional wedding cake very good not dry at all. Than the dance started and end right all 11:00pm. There was a stereo that we used but didn’t know that you had to pay for it $200.00 US. Also if there are rose pedals they were very nice but again you end up paying from them in the end $80.00US even if you didn’t ask for them. Also the lights under the table, candles by the pool, and some other decorations that you didn’t ask for you get charged for which they did make it nice but I would have like to know that first. We have breakfast in bed the next day and a couple massages that after noon which was also included in the package. The only thing we were really unhappy about is the videographer didn’t show up, I only realized it after the ceremony and we would have had one of our guest recorded the wedding but I thought it was being done. We got our picture at 1:30pm the day we were leaving the bus was coming at 2:00 pm good old Mexico time. We got 1241 pictures on a disk and he was supposed to print some out but run out of time. It seems like a lot of pictures but lots of the same thing. I hope this helps. If you want to see any of the photographers picture seem my an email at tuffvdpwedding@shaw.ca Good luck with the wedding planning!!!!

        #194 *Nadine*

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          Posted 24 November 2009 - 06:22 PM

          Thanks Kim! I sent you an email..

          #195 Princess402

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            Posted 30 December 2009 - 10:25 PM

            Hi Ladies,

            My TA went on a site visit to the new Dreams Huatulco last month and posted a bunch of pics to her site, so I just thought I would share in case you were interested. I know what picture fiends we all are on here! She said she really loved it there :)


            Happy New Year and good luck to you all with your wedding plans!

            #196 nicole2010

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              Posted 02 January 2010 - 01:55 AM

              Thanks for the post Angela. The pics are helpful.

              #197 Bri46

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                Posted 06 January 2010 - 01:23 AM

                Hi Everyone!
                I leave for Huatulco on Jan 22nd and our wedding is on Jan 26th! Our symbolic ceremony is on the beach and the dinner/reception is by the Gazebo. Can't Wait! But am starting to get a little nervous. I didn't think everything would be so pricey, considering it's an all-inclusive resort.. We are going with the Dreams of Love pkg. I was told it's $55 per person exceeding the 20 people the pkg covers. Our group is 42 people (36 adults, 6 children aged 3 and under). I can't really see any of the children actually eating the whole 4-course meal! haha Has anyone heard if there is a cheaper "kid-friendly" meal?
                Also, does anyone know if there is a florist in town nearby that can be utilized? Finding the prices for bouquets, centrepieces, etc a little up there...
                ALSO, looking over the list of extras that I have, it says "Sound system (speaker) for ceremony - $80"... "Sound system for reception - $150"... Can you not just pay for one and it can be moved to the reception area?!?
                I probably sound like a cheap-o, but the whole reason I wanted to go away for my wedding was because I thought it would be a lot cheaper..
                Any info that anyone can give would be very appreciated!! :) Congrats and happy planning everyone!

                #198 *Nadine*

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                  Posted 09 January 2010 - 10:32 PM

                  Hey Bri! I just got home from my wedding there and it was amazing!!! Even better than I imagined.. anyhoo Ill tell you what we paid..
                  it was $65 pp for every person above 20 incl in the pkg (we got the ultimate pkg) and the gold menu.. I think the silver menu was $55? We also had kids and it didnt matter, same price for all. We had 62 guests. The flowers were really pricey. The flowers are flown in from Mexico city and the bmaid bouquets were $55 and the size of like an ice cream cone (ok a little exaggerated) but they were beautiful and still looked beautiful three days later. I had 7 bmaids so we just used their and my bouquets as the centerpeices. Gabriela put them in glass vases and they were great.
                  We also paid the $80 for the ceremony speaker system and $150 for the reception system.. no budging on that. She did wave the costs on some things b/c we didnt use the cocktail hour or some other things included in the pkg. I do have some pics posted on FB so if you want to see them send me a PM and Ill add you.
                  any other questions let me know. They seriously made it so beautiful and the beach ceremony set up is perfect!!

                  #199 *Nadine*

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                    Posted 09 January 2010 - 10:33 PM

                    oh I should mention that my parents were there the week before and they went into town and said they could have made/bought us flowers from in town and made us bigger an djust as nice bouquets for like $15. So, if you are really worried about the costs then you can go into town and go that route?

                    #200 nicole2010

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                      Posted 10 January 2010 - 01:09 PM

                      Hay Nadine, you look amazing. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Was the planning really easy when you got there? I am starting to feel like I have nothing in place and the date is getting closer. I have a dumb question, but is the ceremony in Spanish? and if so, did you have to pay extra for a translator? I hope you don't mind, but I have a tonne of questions to ask. Ill send you an email later. Take care and talk to you soon

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