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Is Anyone flying Southwest before August 4, 2008 that hasn't purchased their ticket?

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Hey ladies. So I am in a little bit of a dilemma. My grandfather gave me a $100 voucher to fly Southwest Airlines for my wedding gift back in May. So I looked at the expiration date and saw that it expired August 4, 2008. I assumed that that means as long as I purchase tickets before that date I would be okay... Well, not the case. I have to purchase and fly before August 4th to be able to use this $100 and that is not gonna happen.


So I figured that I would inform you ladies if you or anyone you knew would like to purchase this voucher from me for $75. It is as good as cash, but to make it worth your while, I am offering it for $25 cheaper than what it is worth so you get a BDW deal...lol.


Now if you are flying somewhere before August 4th, but don't come back until after August 4th, you have to purchase your ticket coming back seperately since it will be past the deadline.


So if anyone is interested please email me at bondalexandrae@gmail.com. I guess I can just go through paypal...not sure if I can accept money through paypal yet...and I can scan and email it to whoever so that you get it very quickly.


Thanks ladies...

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So far no luck ladies...I am off tomorrow so I will try ebay...if not my mom said she may be flying out so hopefully that will work...it all else fails, at least it wasn't my $100 I lost...I guess...either way..that's $100 lost...sad.gif

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