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Engagement Party Activities???

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My FI and I are having our engagment/house warming party on Saturday night and I was just wondering what happens at these things? I have only ever been to one engagment party so I really have no idea! So far family and close friends are to come around 4pm and extended friends around 5pm. We are having a BBQ, providing the food, and having a cake. My MOH mentioned something about me having to make a speech and having an icebreaker game (like at camp?!?!) at the beginning. The ice breaker sparked this question.


What did you/are you doing at your engagment party? Or if you've had a house warming, add your thoughts in for that too since its a joint PARTAY!

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We are having our engagement party at the Dance Studio we go to all the time... so we will have an icebreaker in the form of a dance instructor making everyone salsa (the dance, not the condiment... although... chips and salsa might not be a bad idea).


My favorite icebreaker is telephone pictionary. It doesnt work if you have like 50 people... but if you have 10-20, it is beautiful.


To start, you want to make booklets of paper for each guest... (we took paper and cut it in to 4 sections) and each booklet needs to have the same amount of paper as there are guests (example: 10 guests, each booklet needs 10 sheets of paper) - staple them together.


Sit in a circle and give everyone a pen or pencil and their booklet of paper.


Instruct each person to write a phrase or a noun or something (think pictionary type prompting). The more creative the better. We've done everything from "an infant playing soccer" to "a foot in a blender" to "butterfly rodeo."


Once everyone has written their phrase, have everyone pass their booklet to the left.


The person who receives the booklet reads the phrase to themself, turns the page in the booklet and DRAWS (no words - think pictionary) a picture that represents the phrase on the previous page.


Once everyone is done (give them like 1-2 minutes), have them pass the booklet to the left.


The person who receives the booklet ONLY SEES THE DRAWING (don't let them look at the first page). Once they look at the drawing, they turn the page and WRITE what they saw (think a written version of the childhood game telephone - where you have to repeat to the next person what you heard).


Continue passing the books around in that fashion (phrase, picture, phrase, picture) until you get your book back...


Then... prepare to laugh as you see how "butterfly rodeo" turns into "the corner starbucks."



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