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RIU RM Palace Brides??

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#3091 dana

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    Posted 09 October 2010 - 06:48 PM

    Nicyx-Thank you. It's actually both, it has lace and then crystals in the lace.

    #3092 Nicyx

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      Posted 10 October 2010 - 02:27 AM

      Originally Posted by dana 

      Nicyx-Thank you. It's actually both, it has lace and then crystals in the lace.

       :-) Its beautiful x

      #3093 janapana

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        Posted 10 October 2010 - 05:11 AM

        @ Dana , you look gorgeous in your dress....


        @ NICY, love both dresses, but esp the benjamin roberts one, think the neckline is prettier.

        #3094 DreamingofSunshine

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          Posted 11 October 2010 - 08:35 AM


          Hi Girls!


          sorry i have been MIA lately, just been pretty busy. going in for my first dress fitting in 2 weeks so i'm trying to work out too.. though it hasnt happened yet.


          With all the talk of the legal wedding, well i have a confession to make, last week me and FI went up to Seattle and had our legal wedding at the court house.  My grandmother who is 94 wasnt going to be able to make it to Mexico so we thought it would be nice to include her and she was our witness along with 2 of our friends. I wore a simple blue dress i had and the Fi wore some nice pants with a button down shirt and a tie (thats pretty dressed up for him!). I was worried too that the legal ceremony was going to take a way from the "real" wedding in mexico. We orginally didnt want to exchange rings but i had brought them just in case since i didnt know if we needed them and then my grandmother made a big deal about being the one holding the rings so we just went with it. We told the judge that we were having our wedding in mexico and that this was the legal process and that we wanted to include our grandmother in a way. It was a great ceremony and the judge talked about us making this commitment with each other as a prelude to our day in mexico. i actually cried because i was so nervous and happy. it was really great over all, kind of a practice run of what i can expect on our big day in mexico. besides on our big day in mexico i'll be wearing a wedding dress so it definetly wont be the same!

          . i hope everyone is doing well!


          Nicyx -- i love  the Benjamin Roberts dress.. especially the way it looks on the back. both are great choices though!


          Dana -- such a pretty dress you look gorgeous! are you doing a veil too?


          Jen -- have you heard from the RIU yet? i'm like 53 days from getting married and i havent heard from them so i'm kinda freaking out a bit... but then again not really.


          alright well hope you are all doing well take care!!!!!

          #3095 dana

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            Posted 11 October 2010 - 09:17 AM

            Janapana-Thank you!


            Dreaming of Sunshine-No I think i decided against a veil. A friend of mine had lent me her veil that matched perfectly but I think I'm going less traditional since I'll be in mexico. I bought these gorgeous hair flowers from a women on Etsy and I'm just going to use the in my hair.


            I'm so glad your legal ceremony went well. I'm hoping ours will as well.

            #3096 dana

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              Posted 11 October 2010 - 09:20 AM

              Dreaming of sunshine- Oh, btw I got contacted by Nancy about 65 days before my wedding date so if you don't hear from her in the next week or so you should email her. Honestly though b/c of the forum I knew everything that I wanted and sent her and email back with all my answers within a few hours. She said she was impressed by my quick response, but I left out the part that I was on this forum. I do have the excel spreadsheet that she requires you put all the guests information on so if you want me to send that to you via email I can. Just let me know.

              #3097 JNagan2011

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                Posted 11 October 2010 - 09:55 AM

                Dreaming of sunshine- sounds like you had a wonderful legal ceremony! :) Congrats!! What day is your wedding again?? And no I have not heard from the wedding coordinator yet. I have been so busy though, I have not really had time to think about it. Hopefully they get in touch with us soon :)


                Dana- wow, your dress is gorgeous :), love it!!! What kind of questions does Nancy ask when she gets in touch with you? Then I can be prepared as well!


                So girls, what are everyone's thoughts on gazebo vs. beach for the ceremony site?? I cannot decide which one I want, they are both so gorgeous!! My FI's sister has a moderate disability (and she is a BM), so if I don't have to chose until we get there and have our meeting I might just wait and see if one location is easier for her to walk on. Also, what are your ceremony times? Ours is from 3-4, and I am second guessing whether that is too early or not. Since it does seem we have more then the 27 guests which will put us at the 2nd seating for dinner

                #3098 *Linds*

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                  Posted 11 October 2010 - 10:07 AM

                  Jen- you cannot go wrong with either location, but it does tend to be a bit more windy on the beach location!

                  Loving married life! <3

                  #3099 dana

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                    Posted 11 October 2010 - 11:28 AM

                    Jen-The Gazebo may be easier for her to walk on b/c it is more even surface with grass. Keep in mind if you do the beach ceremony and want the huppa you have to rent it and I think it is about $700 so that can add to your costs.  I am also having a 3pm ceremony, I think that will be good b/c it gets dark by 5pm so if you want to take pictures after it will give you some time. I'm doing the ceremony at 3pm and then cocktail hour starting at 5:30pm and then dinner at 7pm (paying the extra for private ceremony w/dj).


                    Here is the info she sent me. I have to have the Caprice package though b/c I have 54 people so it may vary a little??


                     IMPORTANT NOTICE - The RIU Palace Mexico is just 10 minute walking distance from your hotel. If our security staff shall approach you in the entrance, advise them that you are visiting the MICE Department It's extremely important that you show up at your appointment on time to finalize all your wedding details.Thank you for your kind comprehension and do not hesitate to contact us if you shall require further assistance. To finalize your wedding details before your arrival, please be so kind to provide us with the following information: GUEST LIST We will need a list with your guest's full names, arrival dates and Hotel booked. (please fill the attached document and send it back) Have in mind that at least 80% of your guests should be staying at the Hotel. If someone of your guests are not staying in RIU Palace Riviera Maya I would need the people`s names who will purchase a wedding pass so I can advise the hotel security to let them access. CEREMONYI also need this info: # Bridesmaids _____ # Groomsmen _____ #Flower girls ______ # Pageboys ______ During the ceremony will they be standing up next to you or sitting down??? _________________ # Chairs = ____________ The ceremony takes around 15 or 20 min. I need you to advise me if you will need chairs for all your guests or may be you will have some bridesmaids/groomsmen who might stand up. Please select the Wedding Spot of your choice: At the RIU Palace Riviera Maya the options are: (attached pictures) Gazebo: From 2 to 100 guests, near beach area w/ocean view but not private. Kiosk: From 2 to 30 guests, elegant, near lobby area, good for high heels. Beach: From 2 to 60 guests, not secluded and not recommended for disabled customers. FLOWERS AND DECORATIONPlease note that the decoration included in your package consists of 4 Fresh Flower Medallions for Caprice Package which will be set on the ceremony and after we could use them for the dinner or the cocktail hour. If you wish to upgrade your decoration we have plenty of options for you that are available at an additional cost (price list 2010) For the bridal bouquet included I am sending you some pictures. The flowers included are tropical flowers. Please if you have some special request for flowers send me some pictures and we could try to do it similar (special requests have extra charge) Be informed that the chairs for the ceremony are set with white covers only. If you would like to get some ribbons in any color that matches with the rest of your decoration, please advise me if you are interested and what color you rather. Each ribbon has a fee of 4 USD. MUSICThe music included in your package is a recorded music in a CD but we have several options for life music for extra charge (Price list 2010) 
                    1. Cannon in D
                    2. Here comes the bride
                    3. Wedding march
                    4. Somewhere over the rainbow
                    5. When you say nothing at all
                    6. Every breath you take
                    7. World in heaven
                    8. Better together
                    9. I got you babe
                    10. She
                    11. Just the way you are
                    12. A moment like this
                    13. From this moment ion
                    14. The wedding song
                    15. I can only imagine
                    16. Beautiful day
                    17. Iris
                     The most common songs and moments for the music during the ceremony: 1.- Entrance of bridesmaids and groomsmen : CANON IN D 2.- Entrance of Bride: Here comes the Bride 3.- Signing of symbolic certificate: Somewhere over the rainbow 4.- Ending: Wedding March If you want to bring your CD or IPOD for the ceremony , we also can use your own music. COCKTAIL We could arrange a semiprivate cocktail hour after the ceremony for you (with no charge), while you are waiting for the dinner. This could be in La Habana (inside) Bar or Lyrico Bar (outside), let me know if this sounds fine for you. What location you rather: ___________ This cocktail includes just drinks. The time depends on the time of your dinner. You also have the option to add appetizers for extra charge in this cocktail hour (prices and menus attached) DINNERRemember that the dinner included in your package is a semiprivate dinner that means we would open the restaurant for all the guests and just have special tables for you and your bridal party. You receive regular menu. Which restaurant would you prefer Bota Fogo at 6:30pm or 8:45pm or Chillis at 6:45pm or 8:45pm? Please bare in mind that groups over 27 people for dinner will be accommodated during the 2nd seating:8:45 PM - Chillis, is an open air restaurant, close to the beach area, tropical and informal. (I have attached the menu for your consideration) - Bota Fogo, has A/C, it's formal, Brazilian Rodizo style with a classic atmosphere. It could be private for groups of 50 guests in the 2nd seating time. (I have attached the menu for your consideration) CAKEPlease choose one of the following options: flavor: __________________ (vanilla or chocolate) filling : __________________ (peach, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) white icing or chocolate: __________________ CAKE TOPPERI also kindly ask you if you would like to get a cake topper made of fresh flowers (20 usd extra charge) in color that matches with your bouquet or may be you are planning to bring your own. Please let me know either you would like to have it or not. BREAKFAST In your Caprice package you have included a Breakfast in bed the morning after your wedding, this is a continental breakfast. At what time do you want us to send this breakfast to your room ? ______ PHOTOGRAPHYPhotography Packages are not included in our services, however you can contact our recommended Professional Photographers that will assist you to choose the best package for you, if you wish to contact them prior to your arrival at the following email: massimovolpi@hotmail.com , www.calypsofoto.com Tel. (52) 984 873 1578 please fill free to contact them any time. SPAWe have three SPA's in Playa del Carmen: one at the RIU Palace Mexico, one at the RIU Yucatan and one at the RIU Palace Riviera Maya. For information on services or to book your services in advance, please contact Ms. Paula Casas at paula.casas@renovaspa.com or info.mexico@renovaspa.com. Free feel to visit the SPA website for further details: www.renovaspa.com. I will be waiting for your replay at your earliest convenience. Have a nice day!! Warm Regards, Nancy Hernandez MICE Manager Offices Hotel Riu Palace M©xico Avda. Xaman-Ha, Manzana 3, Lote 4, Condominio Playacar Playa del Carmen - Quintana Roo Ph: (+52) 984 877 42 00 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (+52) 984 877 42 00 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (+52) 984 877 42 00      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Ext. 811 Fax: (+52) 984 877 42 10 E-Mail: mice.plc@riu.com

                    #3100 Nicyx

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                      Posted 11 October 2010 - 11:44 AM

                      Thank you dana for posting that, fantastic, gives us an idea :-) x

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