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RIU RM Palace Brides??

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#2161 KimmyG

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    Posted 24 March 2010 - 08:54 PM

    Paige, keep us posted on the 6:45pm dinner time. I'm curious how flexible they are and if there's an extra charge for that. Thanks!

    #2162 Paige2010

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      Posted 24 March 2010 - 09:35 PM

      Riri - Wow you work fast! I know they might already be booked for this May but I would really appreciate any info you have about the reception options at Kool beach, prices, dinner options, music options, etc. Thanks!!

      #2163 JNagan2011

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        Posted 25 March 2010 - 08:05 AM

        Riri- I agree with Paige, I would love seeing some pictures and hearing more about Kool beach club!

        #2164 jetsbride

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          Posted 25 March 2010 - 08:27 AM

          Originally Posted by jrb
          Question for the bride who have already had their wedding. Can you share your thoughts on the food?? And the resturants?? Also were the reservations a total pain? Did you end up eatting meals with your guests? Or did people just do their own thing? I don't want to eat with like 10+ people every night, so do we just let everyone make their own plans??
          jrb - Here's my thoughts on the restaurants...

          Chili’s – Steak House – Favorite!!!

          The sea and land (lobster and steak) was delicious!!! I always got 2 lobster tails! I like my steak med-rare and it was cooked perfectly every time!!

          The baked Alaska desert is also delicious here and I am not a desert person. It is ice cream covered in meringue. The staff will light it on fire too, it’s really cool.

          Miguel was our server every time and he was fabulous!!!

          Krystal – Fusion

          The pumpkin soup was amazing!!!
          We had the beef and the salmon here and both were excellent.

          Agave – Mexican

          I loved the chicken fajitas but the appetizer is a buffet so careful because most of the time I was to full for my main course!!

          Botafogo – Brazilian

          I was not a big fan of this restaurant, I think the meat could have been cooked better. The turkey was dry and all the meat also needed spices.

          Yashima – Japanese

          I had the salmon, it was alright. Doug loved the sushi tray!! I am not a big sushi fan.

          The main buffet was also very delicious!!! The ribs were amazing. My fav. thing at breakfast is the omelet station..yummy. We also made BLT’s for breakfast which were really yummy. The guacamole and Pico de galo were so fresh and so delicious!!! The pizza and pasta at the lunch buffet by the pool was good too. Oh and the pasta station in the main buffet…awesome!!!! I am getting hungry!!

          Room service was excellent, we had pretty much everything on the room service menu, my fav was the chicken toastadas.

          Late at night when you are hungry the sports bar has awesome sandwiches, which Doug had pretty much every night!

          We never made the reservations ourselves but I do know there is a time frame in the day when you have to go and make them. People just always made them and invited us along. On the night we were not invited we would just go down to the main buffet and either eat just the 2 of us or we would see people in our group and sit with them. We had a great mix!

          Hope this helps! :)

          #2165 jrb

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            Posted 26 March 2010 - 10:33 AM

            Thanks!! Everything sounds great. With so many choices how can you not be happy. Did you ever eat at the other riu hotels??

            #2166 aalva416

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              Posted 26 March 2010 - 04:12 PM

              About KOOL:
              thanks Riri for the info. Liliana just got back to me, sent her a bunch of pics and list of things I wanted/needed. PM if you need price lists for food and bar. Unfortunately here there is a 11% tax and 15% service charge.
              For pics, there is a thread on BDW with Sol Tamargo and Matt A. Go to the last or second to last page for links he gave me for pics of weddings at KOOL. I love it but I think I will be going way over budget... So we'll see about Liliana's quote.


              P.S. I tried to get my profile pic and sig pic working... Can't seem to do it. Anyone can help?

              #2167 *Linds*

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                Posted 26 March 2010 - 05:05 PM

                I can't decide between the harp at the ceremony or band at cocktails!?!? HELP!!!
                Loving married life! <3

                #2168 LadyTrunck

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                  Posted 26 March 2010 - 06:18 PM

                  Oh no Sammysgirl, what a decision! I take it your parents aren't going for both. Hmmmmm... I don't think I can do both either, and I'm sticking with the mariachis at the cocktail hour. I originally thought it would be fun to have them play while guests arrive to the ceremony, and while we walk down the aisle to give a fun feel, but then I realized that they'd just be standing there for the 20 min or so ceremony, and we're paying for their time! That's just my reasoning---- I wish I could do both though!!!!!

                  oh and BTW- looks like we have the same weight loss goal, and are at the same point with it! I've lost 20, and have 10 more to go! WOOHOOO! and Congrats to you!
                  Married to my BEST FRIEND!
                  July 7, 2010!!My Planning Thread: http://bestdestinati....ns-pics-60834/
                  Non-Pro Pics:
                  Trash the dress!:http://bestdestinati....a-dumas-61397/

                  #2169 aalva416

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                    Posted 26 March 2010 - 09:51 PM

                    Yea, I would go with mariachis at the cocktail hour. You at least get the cd music at the ceremony, and the cocktail hour would be boring. Maybe you could find a cd that plays wedding music with the harp? I am sure there are some out there. :)

                    #2170 *Linds*

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                      Posted 26 March 2010 - 10:23 PM

                      that's a good idea...finding harp music!

                      Jannae- Yeah I haven't updated my ticker, but I have 7 lbs to go. I'm not sure if i'll get all the way there or not but I'm going to keep trying! I am feeling good and confident where I am now so that's a good thing! If I begged I could probably get my parents to go for both. Maybe I will pay for one and they can pay for the other I can't decide if I think it is worth the money or if I'd rather keep the money and do some fun excursions. I am def. doing atleast one of the music options though....

                      I have my first bridal shower and my bachelorette party tomorrow!
                      Loving married life! <3

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