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We currently have amazing promotional rates for RIU Palace Riviera Maya, travelling from Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa with select departure dates!




For Bride and Groom – book by Mar 19, 2013, with a minimum 5 double rooms booked

• Complimentary upgrade to Elite Plus, subject to availability at time of booking

• Complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge, available in Toronto and Vancouver airports only.

• $500 Anniversary Travel Voucher (per couple), with a minimum 10 double rooms booked


Your destination wedding experience doesnâ€t just start on arrival in resort but before you leave Canada on board award-winning Sunwing Airlines, with:

• Priority Group Check-In (at select Canadian airports)

• Free Excess Baggage Allowance: 20 kg per group of 10 passengers (must be arranged a minimum of 7 days prior to departure)

• Bride and Groom Pre Boarding (at Canadian airports)

• Wedding Dress Care Program

And on arrival in resort…

• Private Transfers for Groups of 15 or more (arriving on the same flight)*

• Group Concierge Service in Resort


Contact us today for a quote for your group - weddings@sunwing.ca!

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The wedding coord does not seem to be much help. She answers my questions days later, but at least they are finally getting answered. I feel like there is really no timeline put together. How does everyone else feel??


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I was feeling the same way. I realized that Fernanda doesn't work Sunday and Monday, so you won't get responses from Thursday's questions until Tuesday.

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Hello Past and Future RIU Brides! I have chosen the RIU RM as one of my 3 resorts to be married. I'm very excited and congrats to you all! I read 70% of this thread and there were some very helpful tips, advice, and information. Now I'm narrowing down my selection and need to make a decision of which resort I would like to have my symbolic ceremony. the FI and I is planning a May 2014 destination wedding to the RM area. I've seen quite a few photo's of the amazing weddings however one thing that I don't really see. It looks like the ceremony is on the beach however it's still not near the ocean. I really like to be as close as we can to the ocean. Does anyone know if this can be accommodated? Does anyone have any more ceremony photo's? Or it's a set location and don't have a choice? I've seen a few photos and they were most likely in the middle of the beach with a fence and there were onlookers in the back photos. I don't like this and prefer it to be as close as we can to the ocean with no onlookers in the background of the ceremony location. The sides are fine as it doesn't bother me. Another Question: The dining menu in the a la carte restaurants. Are they the same menu as the restaurant or is it a different menu you select? I would appreciate any past brides experience on this. Thanks! Lilly

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Originally Posted by shes2013 View Post


How are you presenting the welcome bags to the guests? Are you giving them to the front hotel staff to distribute?

Hey Em - I am going to bring my Welcome Bags down to the Front Desk the morning of each guests arrival date and they will give to them when they check in.  Cannot wait to put them all together once I get there!  The welcome tags have the guests names and their arrival dates on them.  Here are a few pics:




Close up of tag




Originally Posted by shes2013 View Post


Haven't heard much from all you ladies in awhile, how is all the planning coming along? Our weddings are all vastly approaching!! :)

I guess my planning is done...I have 4 suitcases packed  & ready to go with all the OOT bags, their contents, favors, wedding/reception decor, etc.  I included a list of each suitcase's content and correlating receipts in each.


I am now just waiting on some last minute waterproof stickers to arrive to put on OOT tumblers ( I will do this in Mexico), waiting on my cake topper (fingers crossed it arrives before I leave or I will have one of my friends checking for it and bringing it with them) and last but not least - I got my matches back from Cancun customs yesterday so now I am distributing one matchbox a piece to all my guests so they can pack them in their carry on.   SUCH A JOKE!  LOL  They are one detail I do want at the cocktail hour with the cigar roller.  :-)


We leave a week from this Wednesday so now I am just finishing up loose ends - it's going to be a busy 12 days!!!!


This week I did the following:


Started packing

Ordered/purchased all the wedding gifts, cards, etc. 

Put together a music list for the DJ and sent it to the resort

Bought some music on iTunes that I wanted to make sure I had for ceremony/reception - need to make an easy playlist so it's all in one place.

I set up my appointments with Ariadna and the resort photgrapher.  (Thurs 3/28)

Contacted my credit card company to let them know our Mexico travel dates so they know I will be using the card in Mexico for wedding expenses (don't need any issues there).


Next week I will  be:


Completing my LAST WEEK of the INSANITY workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOT HOOT!

Getting my teeth cleaned this Tuesday 3/19   :-)

Final dress fitting next Thursday (last minute touch ups) 3/21

Hair next Friday night 3/22

Pick up dress next Saturday morning 3/23 

BACHELORETTE NIGHT next Saturday night

Monday 3/25 manicure/pedicure

Tuesday 3/26 eyebrow & Bikini wax

Wednesday 3/27 - DEPART FOR MEXICO!!!!


I cannot believe the time has come.  I am ready to do this and to be done planning.  lol  Love you ladies!!  xoxo

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Hello Ladies,


I've been a member for quite sometime, this is my first time posting. FH and I are getting married at the RIU Cancun Resort on April 27, 2013 just him and I. I'm getting overly excited that my day is fast approaching. Congrats to all the upcoming and past brides.

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Wow, Elissa! I'm so excited for you!! all your things looks so amazing. I know you've heard it before, but I wish you would have planned my wedding :). April 2nd is going to be here before you know it, it so so close, I can not wait to find out how your wedding went and to see pictures!! & Great job on the insanity workout, i'm thinking of trying I dont know if could make it! lol The photography told us we would meet right after the wedding coordinators meeting, is this how yours is going? I hope everything turns out beautiful, which I'm sure it will, I'm just getting so nervous! I feel like I am all over the place!!

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    • we ended up using Facebook messenger when we were in Mexico - the hotel had free wifi and at least 1 person from each family/couple had FB on their phone already - it was pretty easy to communicate among guests "hey, we're heading to the beach bbq for lunch." or "everyone is hanging at the small pool today".  a plus was that some people tried to get a hold of me via FB on the day of the wedding and I was totally not checking my phone - they were asking if the wedding was outside given the rain forecast, thankful my mom, MOH and a few other friends were on the group and could respond for me :) 
    • Are you looking for a guide where you’ll find many tips and steps to follow to make your wedding a success? We design a special for you, where you will find: Photography Tips To-Do List Check list How to choose the best dress? Memories and invitations And much more! Download it now for free from: http://emweddings.com/WeddingGuide/index.html     Don’t stress. Enjoy every moment, tomorrow will be your best memories. See you soon!
    • Another option is to find an app that allows for group talk. This Wedding Party App looks pretty neat. https://apracticalwedding.com/wedding-party-app/ 
    • Hi Everyone, So, I was cleaning out my closet and realized that I never sold off my extra wedding OOT bag stuff from our wonderful DW.   46 Daily Spanish for Dummies 30 Pool colored OOT fabric bags - approximately 13in x 13in. They lay flat.  I used them for our wedding and they were perfect for everything we needed to fit in each bag. There’s a slight shade variation in the group; I’m guessing some were cut from a different bolt of fabric.  They are also a little wrinkled from storage and will probably be wrinkled from shipping. I have three additional ones, but they somehow got something on them (likely toddler related). If needed, I can try to wash it out and send those as well. 
    • I’m getting married in six months to my foreign girlfriend. I was advised by a friend that one of the things I need to do before saying I do is to get a prenuptial agreement. Basically it’s supposed to protect my assets and properties in case my relationship with my future wife goes down the drain. I don’t know though if this is an acceptable practice when marrying Kiev ladies. I don’t want to do it if it would be insulting on her end. I need advice on this. Please help me.
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