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Wow I missed so much today! I was so busy at work I didnt have time to come on!


Desiree- I'm happy to hear that no one cancelled on you and I CAN'T WAIT to see your pictures! I hope everything went well!


Josie and Kelly- I love both of your BM's dresses...definitely great choices!


MsBettyB- Congratulations on passing the bar exam! That's awesome! And thank you so much for all the details on your trip! I'm starting to look though all of your pictures right now!

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MsBettyB - Thanks so much Betty for all the information you have shared with us, it definitely has helped me! The pictures were beautiful, I'm soo excited now!


Actually, a quick question.. I just read that you can't have music at Boto Fogo if you are having a semi private reception, is that the same for Chillis as well?? I'm only having 26 guests coming with us, and that's below the minimum, I was curious to know what everyone else was doing..

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As far as I know you have to have 50 people for Chili's. I think it's even more than Bogo Foto! But I'm going off memory and hoping that someone else can answer 100%. I have at least 40 that have said they're coming, but I do wonder what people do if they only have a small group. I think Desiree is bringing an Ipod and bose system to play music wink.gif

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I'm just going from memory as well here, but I think you can have that upstairs area of chilis with fewer people. I don't know if you're allowed to have music there, but I think you might be able to because they classify it as "semi-private". Not really 100% sure about any of this though.

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Sorry I haven't been on in a bit ladies....I have been so busy! I was out of town this past weekend and then I had my BD shoot yesterday. It went amazing!!! Yes, I am going to post pics as soon as I get them! I totally recommend doing the BD shoot!


Betty-thank you so much for the review and pics!!! It helped me TONS! You are the best. Also, CONGRATS on passing the bar!!! What an accomplishment! Yay! wink.gif


Kelly and Josie- I LOVE your dresses! Both look great for a DW!

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In regards to being able to have music at either place, I emailed one of the WC's a while back and asked this same question. From what she told me, you can't have music in either place if you are only having a semi-private reception since other people will be there, but can have music in both if it is private. I would always double check again just to be safe!

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Yeah, I think you're right Katie, just received an email, and they said if you aren't having a private reception, you will not be able to play any music. they also added if that if i wanted a private reception i would have to pay an extra 1700 if I didn't have the required amount of people. It does kinda suck though that they won't let you play at least one song.


I'm not sure if it's worth that much to have a private reception, I haven't yet decided. Maybe there is somewhere on the riu grounds that you can arrange to have your first dance, if not in the restaurant.

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If I remember correctly, I have read that another option is to have a semi-private reception and then move your party to the disco at the Riu Palace Mexico to play any music. Sounds easy enough, but I don't know how far apart they are from each other (maybe MsBettyB knows) and I also don't know if there is an extra charge for this. Even if there is an extra charge though, it might not be as much as paying for a private reception.

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Girls- I'm posting the contents of an email RE: this that was sent to me in feb. I hope you can decipher it OK!





I have questions about the reception! Mainly being...can I do the "semi- private dinner" that is included with the package and pay a lesser amount for a DJ afterwards? Or is it DJ & Private dinner and the $1,700, bottom line? Also- as I highlighed below, do you have to have 50 (or over) to eat at the Brazilian Place? When it says on the attachment DJ with Sound System (for private dinners only for 3 hours)- what does that mean? The dinner AND DJ is only 3 hours, or the you have the dinner, and then the DJ is on for 3 hours? How much extra is it for more time with the DJ, and is this possible?

From my experience you would have the dinner then get 3 hours DJ time. I am with you on the cost issue so I am sending a note for clarification. I will advise. Will also address your other concerns of the # of guests.



By email you will pick up your restaurant of choice for dinner, the wedding spot and the cake


flavor. If you have a large wedding party it will be more things to arrange via email.


Groups over 27 people for dinner will be accommodated during the 2nd seating.


The on site wedding coordinator is always glad to assist you, just keep in mind that she can not


book providers or restaurants more than one month in advance of your wedding day,


Everything is very well organized so you will not need a


rehearsal dinner, though this may also be requested.


The interviews are normally the day after your arrival. All the


meetings are in the morning as the wedding planners are doing


weddings in the afternoon.


- Location of Reception.


The wedding reception is held as a sit-down dinner at one of


Riu´s Specialty Restaurants. An area is reserved for the entire


wedding group to celebrate.


Please notice that all restaurant reservations are subject to


availability and capacity.


We can not provide you other locations for dinners like beach or gardens.


- Costs and Capacities.


The cost of the wedding reception is included in the package and covers the food and beverage


for the entire wedding group. It is important to keep in mind the number of guests each package


can accommodate. Your final guest list will determine the package suited for your group size. On


the other hand, there is no minimum number of guests required to have a wedding reception




Wedding Package Guest Capacity


Classic 10


Royal 50


Caprice Max. Capacity of the hotel you have chosen




- Private Receptions


The reception dinners offered in the Wedding Packages are semi-private at no extra charge.


Private dinners are possible only at Riu Palace Riviera Maya & Riu Palace Mexico. There are


only for one our and a half and during the second seating, with the following restrictions.


Riu Palace Riviera Maya:


Brazilian Restaurant: Minimum of 50 guests maximum of 60 all staying at this resort. Second


seating 8.45 pm (can you not have a private dinner with less? or can you just not have a private dinner at this place?


CHECKING ON THIS TOO…..I think I know theses answers from other dealings with RIU but I want it in writing from this resort


Steak House: Minimum of 80 guests all staying at the resort. Second seating at 9:00pm


Riu Palace Mexico:


Brazilian Restaurant: Second seating 8.45pm


Steak House: Second seating 8:30pm


For both we need a Minimum of 50 guests maximum all staying at this resort.


If you want to extend the time of private dinners, you can do it with an extra cost.


NOTE: Riu Yucatan, Riu Playacar and Riu Tequila do not offer private services.


- Dinner Menu.


The main course of the wedding reception is table served by waiters. The restaurantâ€s regular


menu is open for dinner selection. A self service salad bar and desserts bar is also set up





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More Information: Here are some final answers!


Dear Sherryl (thats my TA),


Thank you for contacting Riu Weddings Sales Department.


Regarding to your first question, it is correct the only way to have a dancing floor is having a private reception dinner and the cost is approx $1700 usd (this can change) including the Sound System or DJ, as you wish, because the Sound System belongs to the DJ, so he charges the same for playing him self or for renting the equipment, and it is necessary to have 50 guests, but it depends of how many people you will be celebrating we can maybe make an exception, the Brazilian restaurant is indoors and has air conditioner but it does not have ocean view nor garden, and the Disco can be rented from after your ceremony for the 3 hours long.


If you wanted a restaurant close to the beach for the reception can be held only at Riu Palace Mexico.


If you shall require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Warm Regards,


Mariana Naranjo

Weddings Sales Coordinator

Mayan Riviera

Weddings by RIU

America's Division

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