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Kimmy thanks so much for all the info!!!!! its very very helpful! I am trying not to stress abt anything so far it seems to be working. only thing i was worried about was the dinner and not so worried abt it anymore!!

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Whew! I'm on a roll... more general words of wisdom from a married lady:


Regarding the welcome bags, the guests seemed to really like them. I saw a bunch of people using the bags (from forever 21) and the mugs (made me happy, those were a PAIN to transport!) and barely anyone using the pashminas (they were nice but i think it was too hot)


Regarding packing: I wore a different bathing suit every day since it's so humid things don't dry well. During the day I wore bathing suit and cover-up and at night I wore dresses (like polo dress or sun dress) or skirt/top. I never touched my shorts, khakis, sweaters/cardigans/clubbing tops/heels. Bring comfy shoes. 5th avenue is about a mile, or 15-20 min walk. We walked there, bought 50 maracas, shopped some more, then took a cab home ($5). I didn't touch my socks or undies more than once, hehe. The hair dryer in the room works. It's probably not as good as your one at home but it works well enough, so don't worry about bringing your own. Bring a plastic bag to pack your wet/dirty stuff for the trip home. I'm glad I bought my own conditioner for my hair: after all the hairspray they used it was a wreck getting my fingers though it in the shower.

The beds/blankets are not the most comfortable thing in the world but there isn't a whole lot you can do about it, so don't let this bug you. Keep the AC running and the room won't feel damp. The rooms are pretty quiet but I still wouldn't have wanted to deal with dragging an ipod dock along. If you have a small one or a groom that's willing to carry it then great, otherwise, don't worry about it, we were hardly in our room.


If you have 50 guests like us then be prepared to have your phone constantly ring, your door constantly being knocked, everyone come to you with their silly issues (how to make dinner reservations, etc). Take a shot of vodka and politely tell them how great it would be if they could find someone else to help them rather than you or your groom wink.gif

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The night of our wedding, after dinner, we went to the disco at the Riu Tequila. It's about a 10-15 min hike but everyone drank for free and had a blast. Drew and I only stayed about 20 min but it was great to go out and see everyone having fun.

Warning: MEXICO LOVES TECHNO AND MICHAEL JACKSON. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!


Two of the other nights we went to 5th avenue, which is fun just to walk around. We parked at Senor Frogs for a drink and that was pretty entertaining. I heard Coco Bongo has a $60 cover charge to get in so we didn't bother with that. Again, wear comfy shoes/sandals when going to 5th ave. Many of the vendors will give you a lower price if you bargain for goods, some will not. I paid $1/maraca and I think that was pretty standard. Father-in-law bought some Mayan mask for $20 when the initial asking price was $80.


We decided to do our TTD at a cenote: based on advice from other people we decided Not to rent a car ourselves. The front desk offered car service where we had a car/driver for 2 hours for $70. A cab might have been cheaper but we knew they worked for the resort so this felt safer. The driver took us to a cenote and hung out with us while we looked for the perfect spot to shoot pictures. He even paid our entrance fee for us (i have no idea why), i think 50peses/person (~$5). After being in Cenote Azul for 10 minutes walking around a crabby woman who worked there came up to me and communicated that since I was in wedding dress we would have to pay 1000 pesos (~$100) to stay and take pictures. Absurd! We'd already paid, already entered and now she was chasing us down for more money because I had a wedding dress on. I was pissed bc the cenotes didn't look how I had visualized them (Cenote Azul) so I told her I was going somewhere else that had caves and didn't cost so much. She said her son would take us to a cave, for 700 pesos, then for 500 pesos (when I insisted we would go somewhere else). We decided to see the cave before we made up our mind, so me, FI, & Photographer got in the car with the driver and followed this kid on his bike going north on the main road. A few minutes later we got out and walked and did find a perfect cave, exactly what we'd visualized. I'm not sure if it was part of Cenote Azul or not, but it was in that area. We paid the kid $40 and got to work ($40 is like 380 pesos but it was enough to get the kid to leave us alone! I felt like we were being taken advantage of, so i didn't care that we gave less than they asked for) Future tip: to save $ don't wear your dress into the cenote: hide your dress, hide the cameras and you'll get in for cheap. On the other hand, there isn't much privacy to put your dress on, and you're paying a cab or driver for the time it takes to get into your dress and lace it up, so weigh your options. I can't wait to see the cenote photos, they're going to be amazing based on the sneak peak our photog showed on his camera. I'm quite positive this is the same cenote we were at: YouTube - Riviera Maya Trash the dress underwater photography session but I think our photos are going to be even more amazing! (del sol photography is pretty awesome though, it will be tough to beat them!)

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Kimmy- thank you SO MUCH for the details of your review! It sounds like our weddings are very similar, w/ package and ceremony/dinner time. Makes me feel SO much better about every choice that I have made!!! Great tips- you answered so many of my questions!! It is greatly appreciated! P.S. I was cracking up at your sand ceremony idea! Fantastic!


You said that the welcome dinner had ice sculptures and choc fountain? Did you have to pay for that? What restaurant was it at? Also, how were the welcome bags given to the guests? I read that they can put them in rooms, or give at the front desk, but many of our guests are arriving the day after we get there, and Iâ€m afraid that we wonâ€t have the meeting with the coordinator yet…


Can you tell Iâ€m writing this as I read? Warning: MEXICO LOVES TECHNO AND MICHAEL JACKSON. Don't say I didn't warn you!!! rofl.gif

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