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MTV's True Life: I'm Having A Destination Wedding

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Originally Posted by melwru View Post
Well we definitely dont look our real age, and when there is alcohol involved we DEFINITELY dont act our age either! HA! And with the group we are taking there will certainly be mayhem and drama aplenty!! Maybe we should apply. I love MTV:True Life , how much fun would it be to actually be on it! But if we dont qualify I know they will find awesome couples right here in this forum . I cant wait to watch the episode!!
Ditto. :) He's 40 and I'm 37, but we both get estimated around 26-30 for our ages.... and 50% of our guests will be punk/metal musicians, club owners, booking agents and artists. The other 50% are bank executives, professional business people or work for the Catholic dioceses. Now that is going to cause some drama... hehe...

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