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Local Varadero Photographer - Very Good!

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Hey Ladies,


I have read that many of you are looking for photographer options (aside from those on the resort) I thought it would be best to post a thread for new brides as an FYI!


When my FI and I were in Cuba for our "research" trip (February 200cool.gif we were at the wine cave in Parc Josone, along with a table full of Canadian's (about 12). FI struck up a conversation with them and learned that they weren't all canadian, 3 of them were Cuban. The Canadians had been life long friends with the Cubans.


FI iterated to them that we were interested in seeing Havana. At this point one of the Canadians (Rob) piped up and said that we should rent a car and have his Cuban friend Roly (a Cuban professional photographer and videographer) take us. We chatted and drank with this crowd for the balance of the evening.


On Sunday of our vacay, we went to Havana with met with roly and he offered us an "early wedding present", pictures of the two of us all over Havana! (I also think he was trying to sell his services for our wedding).


Later the same day he shared with us a CD of photos and videos from weddings he had previously shot. They were really quite good.


If you wanna see examples of Roly's work, check out our wed-site Chad & Amy - wedding website by mywedding.com - in the photo gallery of our travels - photos #8 and #9 were taken by Roly.


I recently looked into roly's prices for another girl on another board and below is the response I received from roly's daughter Maureen.



...This is a message from my father:

--------Hi my friend!!!

I´m sorry I have not be able to check my email. Did you print the pictures of Havana tour?


The price of the video is 200 CUC and it includes 2 DVD in the color system that you prefer.


The photo 5 X 7 inches are 3 CUC each plus a free copy in CD if they buy 60 or more.


I need to know the hotel because some of them have contract with diferent companies and use their own personal.


All the best,



cell phone of my father is 52950757, if they want to call him from Varadero.



So essentially the price for a CD of your wedding photos - with 60 print outs is $180 and the video is $200 - by format he means he'll format it for the country you are from - where some countries use a different DVD format.


I would strongly suggest calling him - I have the email address for his daughter and for Roly, but they have a hard time accessing the internet. He really does do nice work - and for a very good price, you'll be hard pressed to get that offer at the hotel. Plus I know that the quality is good.


We are taking our own photographer for our wedding and roly, his daughter Maureen, her husband Yasser and their new baby (due Sept.) will be joining us our wedding as our guests.


If anyone requires further info or is interested in seeing MORE pictures from our day in Havana with roly, PM me.


I would love to see him receive more business from Canadians! He is a great guy and a wonderful friend.


Ciao !

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I really would suggest calling him over email - I believe you can also text message him. the email/internet in Cuba is not the best, and his daughter Maureen is on mat leave (she was lucky to have a job where she could sneakily check her emails).


Here are some pics that Roly took of us in Havana!


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

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I am interested in him as well! I will give him a call in the new year since our wedding is only in June!

Amaraillis, which photographer are you using for your wedding? A Local or someone you are bringing in?

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I never heard about Rolly, but I know few other professional photographers in Varadero, Cardenas and Havana. Be aware that they have completely different approach then modern photographers in Canada or USA. They don't have an access to the internet or other sources.

Very good photographer in Havana (which is 1,5 hour drive from Varadero) - he is a real photojournalist but willing to shoot weddings:


Abel Ernesto


his e-mail: abel.ernesto@gmail.com



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I phoned Roly and he emailed me within 30 minutes! He said he will email me pictures of previous weddings once he downsizes them, he has been real helpful and quick to reply so far!

Also, Amarillis - Roly asked how I heard about him. I told him from another Canadian on a wedding website forum who he met and took pictures of in Havana last year, and also that you mentioned him and his family will be attending your wedding (I wasn't sure of your name). Thank you again for providing his contact info!

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