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My DIY Veil *Pics* & Instructions

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Here is the veil I made.It's a little wrinkled, but will straiten out :)http://www.boandandrea.com/assets/images/veil/ *Please excuse the "I look like I just woke up pictures" LOL! I have never sewn anything in my life so I was a little nervous but...I am actually very happy with how it turned out. I can't lie, it was a little time consuming, but that's because I sewed a cord to match my dress all the way around the entire veil. If you choose not to have a cord, you can make it in a lot less time.


Items I used:

  • tulle
  • white thread
  • sewing needle
  • wire comb
  • beads to match dress (optional)
  • cord to match dress (optional)
  • sharp scissors


Step 1: Look around at styles and lengths of veils you like. If you google "how to make a veil" you can find very easy instructions in regards to length and how much tulle to use. I just eye-balled it and didn't use instructions; the choice is yours really.


Step 2: Lay tulle out on a flat surface (one that isn't white)


Step 3: Cut the tulle to your desired length. (mine is just a simple 1 layer veil) Again, veil instructions can give you more detailed info on adding layers and blushers.)


Step 4: Sew a running stitch along the straight edge. About 3 inches inside of the edge, using a needle and heavy white thread, sew all the way across the veil. After sewing, hold the thread at one end and push the tulle together to gather it.


Step 5: Wrap either tulle or cord around your wire comb, and sew ends to hold. (You can add beads to the top after you stitch the veil to comb)


Step 6: Attach the tulle to the comb by stitching. Simply stitch the tulle to the comb by bringing the stitches through the material, then between the teeth of the comb. Make sure the tulle is attached completely. You can now sew cord around it, add small beads to it, or just leave it as is!


*I read they don't recommend gluing beads to the veil because they can smear and melt off, but all the ones at David's bridal were glued. I guess as long as you don't use too much and let the glue dry, it should be fine. I only added beads to the comb part and left everything else plain.


* The hardest and most expensive material to find was the wire comb. I purchased it at Michael's in the wedding section, and cut off all the decorations on it and started from scratch.


Girls, if I can do it then ANYONE can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cheer2.gif

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Very successful DIY - I bet you could glue them - using one of those low heat glueguns - like the ones that florists use.


Great job!!!

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wow andrea that turned out great!

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