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Hi -- I'm a newbie getting married in the either (hopefully) the last wkd of April or first of May. Right now we're aiming for Jamaica and will be going there in a couple of weeks to check out sites.


Any input on the Rose Hall area of Montego Bay would be most welcome. We just found out our top choice (Half Moon) has no rooms at the inn, so we're looking at Rose Hall Country Club and Resort and maybe (looong shot!) the Ritz-Carlton there.


Also, since the front runner bowed out, i've started reading up on Negril. Any ideas for about a 50-person wedding there would also rock my world.



Thanks!! And hope to post again soon and also doll up my sig when I have a little more time!

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Welcome! I was a Jamaica bride and loved it!


Be sure to browse the Jamaica sub-forums and the wedding reviews for Rose Hall and Negril.

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