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Dreams, PV, Reception??

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Originally Posted by trobinson1221 View Post
Do they allow you to have music during your reception? Is it extra or included? I have contacted the WC at dreams about 2 weeks ago and she has not got back to me. Also, when does the mexican trio play?

yes, you can have musicians at your reception...yes, it is extra...

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Amy is one of our PV mods and she is getting married on July 4, 2008 at Dreams PV. She can answer your questions, but I don't believe you can actually get many of the vendors at dreams, you will have to get them from the area. The WC will eventually get back to you, just make sure you save what you send her and what she sends back to you. Take a look around the PV area of the forum and I am sure you find some of the info you are looking for.

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Here is a link to more Dreams PV info



I posted attachments that Marilu has sent me so far.


Looks like Tammy already posted some answers to your questions.. you do need to pay extra for music. However, Marilu has said that I will be able to bring in my own vendors so I recommend finding musicians on your own to get a better deal. Here are some links for info on PV musicians.






The Trio is a three person group... you can picture it like a mini Mariachi with guitars only.. their music isn't as powerful as a mariachi.


Hope this helps!

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