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Do We need to have a reception at home after?

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#41 ericaandsy

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    Posted 24 July 2008 - 10:07 PM

    Originally Posted by Maura
    you absolutely dont have to do one. i'm not. we are having ONE wedding, and its in mexico, and if people are too lazy, cheap, or whatever other BS reason to go, why should i shell out money to throw an extra party just for those people

    At first we were thinking to have an AHR, but the more and more we thought about it it wasn't really worth it! We are inviting 150 people to our wedding, and I bet 50-70 people don't come. We are having a reception after the wedding in Mexico, and to have all those people again at our AHR plus only those extra 50ish people doesn't make sense. An AHR isn't in our budget...the party is the most expensive part! We are having our legal ceremony in my parents back yard before we leave for Mexico, and the only people who will be there are our parents,siblings,and grandparents who aren't able to fly to Mexico.
    Best of luck in your planning, don't feel obligated to have a reception for the people who can't make it to your wedding!!!!!!

    #42 Nitnylyin1

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      Posted 24 July 2008 - 11:43 PM

      I like the idea of a party at your home after the DW. I was thinking of having an AHR but after reading the suggestions on this thread I am thinking otherwise. It's just more work and I really want to start looking for a house and just enjoying being a newlywed after the wedding. Chips, pretzels, beer, and some board games sounds good to me.

      #43 ButlerGirl08

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        Posted 28 July 2008 - 07:55 PM

        So...the AHR was fun, kinda overrated...but at least we got some cash from the family. It actually paid for our trip down there so I guess we came out on top. We did get a cake which is great seeing how when we got married in Jamaica, we weren't able to bring the cake back so that we can eat it next year on June 14th, now we can!!!

        #44 lovefreddy

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          Posted 28 July 2008 - 08:15 PM

          NO WAY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE! Like others have said, I had ONE wedding, and if they couldn't make it...too bad sooooo sad!!!

          #45 balibride

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            Posted 01 June 2012 - 12:04 PM

            You do whatever you like... It's your wedding!

            #46 wallabymeisje

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              Posted 10 August 2012 - 03:26 PM

              it is your wedding do what you want if you want 1 wedding or 7 it is up to you. You do not have to do anything or do anything it is your wedding and your day the most important thing is at the end of the day you will be married to the person you love

              #47 REP

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                Posted 04 January 2014 - 03:13 PM

                how much are you looking at for a 125 ppl for a bbq

                #48 megthomson

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                Posted 05 January 2014 - 07:31 AM

                It's all about YOU TWO! Have one, don't have one...as long as you are happy, people will get over it if you don't.

                #49 DestiBride

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                Posted 03 June 2014 - 12:48 PM

                I'm having an "AHR" due to in-law expectations but if it was up to me, I would not. Like many people on this forum have said, I got married once, it was the best day of my life, and if others couldn't make it, it's not my problem. I got married on May 17 in Punta Cana, DR. It was perfect, it the wedding of my dreams and as far as I'm concerned, I'm DONE. BUT, my husband has a huge family in Ireland who weren't able to make it due to the distance so, at my MIL's insistence, we are having another reception in Ireland in September. Luckily, we can loop it in to our (somewhat delayed) honeymoon in France so we get to kill two birds with one stone. My MIL is throwing it for us but I'm a bit nervous because I have no idea what she has in mind...I'm hoping for something quite relaxed but I have a feeling she's thinking formal... ugh! All I want to do is show up. No planning, no decision making, no stress. I'm done with that! Crossing my fingers that it will all work out easily...

                #50 jayejayelynn

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                Posted 03 June 2014 - 12:48 PM

                I am going to do something small and casual for my family (extended) since I have such a big one back home 

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