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The new Mrs. HARLIN I'm BACK!!!!

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Hey ladies I am back from PV and today has been tough!!! I just wanted to give you my snapfish site with all my pictures... the first 200 are j ust fun ones we too down there but the bottom half of the photos are from teh photograper.. man he was great.. he was the resorts photographer and he was inexpensive and to me got the job done!! hope you enjoy and I'll be writing my review throughout this week!


its great to be backsmile123.gif


oh the password is




Snapfish: Share:Registration_Opt2

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Congratulations. You made such a beautiful bride. Your dress was gorgeous and i loved your hair with the headband. It was really pretty. Did you make the starfish bouts yourself? they were really nice. okay i'm going back to look at your pics again, they're great.

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