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Just kicking the idea around

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My Girlfriend and I are pretty serious... I haven't officially proposed to her yet(still saving for a nice ring) but her idea is to have a DW and I like the idea the more I think about it. So just looking around and it seems like a great time for the guests and the couple.


Any great tidbits of advice are welcome. We are thinking of a small wedding with just a handful of guests and having a large informal BBQ for extended family and friends when we get back from the Honeymoon or between the Wedding and the Honeymoon.


Anyway, hope to swap ideas. I have been to a ton of weddings (for work) and like a lot of different versions of the ceremony and reception. But for a long time I've always envisioned an informal reception and small private wedding.


I'm pretty laid back and my girlfriend's idea is to have perfect wedding and that doesn't involve much fuss and concentrate on the things she cares about. Good food, romance and the smell of the surf, flip flops that imprint "Just Married" in the sand. wink.gif

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Welcome to the forum. I think my biggest advise is be prepared on hearing family/friends b*tch about you choosing to have a DW (destination wedding) But in the end it's about the two of you.


As far as locations, we have a ton of information on the forum, so just use the search box and I'm sure their has already been talk on the areas your thinking about.



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