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Mexico Flower availibilty List

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For those Riviera Maya brides, I found this (from the Ajua Planners website)...


Good Availability $



-Margarite Daisies



-Star of Bethlehem

-Agapanthus (Spring only)


-Spider Mums

-Buttom Mums



Can Be Seasonal $$


-Casa Blanca Lillies

-Gerber Daisies


-Bird of Paradise

-Hawaiian Ginger







-Oriental Lillies

-Stargazer Lily

-Alcatraz (Cala Lily)



Pre-Order (30 Days) $$$

-Dendrobium Orchid

-Cattleyas Orchid

-Phalaenopsis Orchid

-Cymbidium Orchid

-Acapulco Lily

-Delphimium (Spring/Summer)





Filer Flowers


-Babies Breath

-Queen Anne's Lace (Seasonal)


-Stattice (assorted colors)

-Monte Casino




-Tree Fern

-Bear Grass

-Ming Fern



-Asparagus Fern




Not Available




-Lily of the Vally

-Oncydium Orchids

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