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Credit Card Fraud in DR

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#1 LindsayG

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    Posted 03 July 2008 - 11:32 AM

    This advisory was released last week:

    U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo issued the following Warden Message on June 27:

    There has been a recent rash of thefts of credit and debit card numbers from members of the U.S. Embassy and expatriate community in the Dominican Republic. Based on an initial assessment of the information provided, NO singular location of card usage has been identified. This investigation has been turned over to the U.S. Secret Service (USSS). The Embassy will continue to support the USSS with this investigation and will provide additional information as soon as it is available.

    American citizens in the Dominican Republic may wish to refrain from using credit and debit cards to make purchases or to withdraw cash from ATMs here until more information regarding the source of the problem is known. Americans who use a credit card or debit card in the Dominican Republic may prefer to use one with a low maximum credit line. It is advisable to monitor your accounts for fraudulent charges at least every other day.

    If you have used a credit or debit card to make a purchase or have withdrawn cash from an ATM in the Dominican Republic within the last two months, the Embassy suggests that you monitor your accounts closely for fraud. Report unauthorized charges to your credit card company or bank immediately and DO NOT file complaints with vendors.

    For the latest security information, Americans traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department’s Internet web site at Welcome to Travel.State.Gov where the current Worldwide Caution Public Announcement, Travel Warnings, and Travel Alerts can be found. Up to date security information can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the United States, or, for callers outside the United States and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).

    American citizens traveling or residing overseas are encouraged to register with the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate on the State Department’s travel registration website at https://travelregistration.state.gov.

    For any emergencies involving American citizens, please contact the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit of the U.S. Embassy. The Consular Section Embassy is located at the corner of Cesar Nicolas Penson Street and Máximo Gómez Avenue, Santo Domingo, D.R.; telephone 809-731-4294; after hours emergency telephone 809-221-2171; ACS unit fax 809-689-6142; e-mail acssantodom@state.gov; web page Embajada de los Estados Unidos en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

    From what I've seen on other forums, it has gotten out of control. I leave on Tuesday and now I'm scared to use my card down there! We will be bringing some cash, but I know my mother plans on paying for the wedding with a credit card to avoid bringing thousands of dollars down.

    What should we do?
    Lindsay & Billy
    July 11, 2008
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    #2 Tara

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      Posted 03 July 2008 - 11:51 AM

      Yikes! That's scary. Maybe since the official advisory has come out the people behind the thefts will chill out a little. Hopefully at least long enough for you to go down there and enjoy yourselves. And I want to imagine that things paid for at your hotel would be safe.

      My advice is to just avoid using plastic as much as possible except for the big ticket items like your wedding that you would want the Credit Card company to back up for you.

      #3 becks



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        Posted 03 July 2008 - 11:59 AM

        I know that Amex will give you a short-term card so that if it's lost or stolen it's only good for a few days anyway. Just call them and ask.

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        #4 Otis1230

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          Posted 03 July 2008 - 12:55 PM

          Just watch out traveling from the US to DR.
          I carried alot of cash because we did excursions and our photographer took cash only. My sister was stopped by customs- they said you can only bring 1,000.00 in cash into DR. I was not stopped but her, my parents, and 2 cus's all were asked.
          Michael & Lisa
          April 25th, 2008
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          #5 Thomasjsgirl

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            Posted 04 July 2008 - 08:58 AM

            wow, this is nuts. you're afraid to use your cards, and you can only bring in $1000 cash. How are you supposed to pay for your wedding??
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            #6 Jen_S

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              Posted 04 July 2008 - 09:29 AM

              Wow that really stinks! I would call your credit card company and let them know you are going and about the situation.
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              #7 LadyCheese

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                Posted 04 July 2008 - 10:36 AM

                Originally Posted by jkcz0702
                Wow that really stinks! I would call your credit card company and let them know you are going and about the situation.
                yup, that would be my suggestion also....Or have your mom call the bank of the card she's using and if you know more or less how much the wedding will be, let the credit card company know that as well...then they can be on the look-out for any other suspicious transactions. thats pretty scary....I hope you and your family will not be affected by this.

                #8 Otis1230

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                  Posted 04 July 2008 - 10:42 AM

                  my parents called their cc company that we used for the wedding and told them the @amount we would be charging and the day.
                  Michael & Lisa
                  April 25th, 2008
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                  #9 foxytv

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                    Posted 11 July 2008 - 02:42 PM

                    Guess I better monitor my card, although I used debit for the wedding and not from an account that I keep much $$ in. Even so ...

                    We took cash for everything except the wedding ... and I had to pay in installments b/c my bank wouldn't let me use but a certain amount per day, regardless of pre-authorization.

                    #10 RZurla

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                      Posted 13 July 2008 - 06:48 PM

                      I just got back from DR (PPC)and used my credit card (AMEX) to pay for the wedding in full at the resort and it was fine. I also used my debit card outside of the resort in a store and it was the exact amount that I was told. I even used the ATM machine once and that was fine -

                      I was able to check our finances on line in our royal section, which put me at ease. For 10 days I brought 400.00 in singles for tips and little extras and we were very wealthy with that on the resort the whole time - I even managed to come home with some money in my pocket.

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