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? for those who changed their e ring

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Originally Posted by Just Martha View Post
My recommendation is to keep the diamond, but get a different setting.

That's what we did....I loooooved my old ring, but the band was to close to what I had the first time I got married. I LOVE the vintage look, so we went to our jeweler, found a ring that we both loved and just switched the settings.

Is this an option for you?
This is what we've decided to do. Hiram knew what kind of stone that I had wanted just from general discussion before he selected the ering, but we had never discussed bands so he just selected something very simplistic with the intention that we could change it when we get wedding bands.

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I personally think ur crazy girl lol ur ring is GORGEOUS! and i love the way the wedding bands look with ur e-ring but that's just my opinioncheesy.gif

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