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aventura spa palace

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#831 jszy10

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    Posted 30 July 2010 - 10:40 AM

    Wow...I just spent DAYS going through this entire thread....loved every minute haha  I found sooo many pictures and sooo much helpful info!  I wish my wedding was a month away, not almost 11!! :oP

    #832 jszy10

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      Posted 30 July 2010 - 11:40 AM

      Does anyone know if you can hire the resort photographer to do a TTD session???



      and one more!!  :o)  Past brides....did you or any of your guests take advantage of the use of the other palace resorts?  I'd like to let my guests know that they can go to other palace resorts to do other things too, but I wasn't sure exactly which ones they provide transportation to? 

      #833 skadow

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        Posted 02 August 2010 - 06:34 PM

        Hello Ladies!




        What is your Wedding Day time line like. I do not want to have guests sitting around and waiting. but I also dont want it to go too too fast. I am having a Marachi Band at 5, the wedding is at 4, Should I push it back?


        Mine is:


        Hair/Makup: 12:30

        Wedding: 4:00

        Cocktail: 5:00 with Marachi Band

        Dinner: 6:30


        Also, Married Ladies? Did you feel like you had too much time or too little time between things?

        #834 jszy10

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          Posted 03 August 2010 - 05:03 AM

          :o( I feel like ASP brides have disappeared!!!




          Have you looked at the sunset schedules on the internet?  In February the sun sets around 5:30.  The only thing I would worry about is it setting too early on your pictures??  I have heard brides mention that pictures took at least an hour, and I believe the wedding would take around 30 minutes.


          Your schedule is about the way I plan to have it -- except my wedding is going to be at 5 (June wedding), cocktail at 6, and dinner around 7:30.  From the reviews I have read, this schedule seemed to be the standard of what brides had/liked.

          #835 CristiandJamie

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            Posted 03 August 2010 - 12:25 PM


            Originally Posted by Jackie22 View Post

            Originally Posted by lilbuddha View Post
            I have a question for current and past brides,

            I am planning to do welcome bags for my guests to be in their rooms when they arrive. One of my bridesmaids and I were going to come down a couple of days early to finalize the events for our guests, welcome bags and wedding day.

            But the costs jumped quite a bit (over 600) for us not to come with our group. Did any of you have your WC put the bags together? Was there an extra charge? Did it go smoothy?

            When we met with Yazmin during our site inspection she recomended a customs broker to insure our items didn't get caught up in customs...did any of you use a customs broker?

            I am totally overwhelmed by the travel aspect and the group contract. There are just so many people to coordinate and the costs are so high. Any advice
            We actually put together our bags before we left for Mexico and hand delivered them to whoever lived close. If they lived far or out of state I shipped them. This actually worked out really great. It amped my guests up for the trip. I was so happy I didn't have to lug them to Mexico too.


            In regards to the OOT bags, I really think Jackie has a good point.  We brought all of our bags down and I spent quite a good amount of time putting them together before everyone arrived.  People liked them but in the end if I could do it all over again I would have skipped the bags or just have the bag and a nice drinking mug with it.  It was a LOT of work!


            If you could avoid putting them together in Mexico and give them to your guest before the trip that is probably your best bet.  The only issue we had is that everyone that was coming to the wedding was either in TX or OH and we live in Colorado so we were not able to give to our guest beforehand unless we sent them priority mail which would have added to the cost. 


            Thinking we spent almost $600 total on the bags and the contents...


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            #836 skadow

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              Posted 06 August 2010 - 08:26 AM

              Ladies! I called Melissa and have prices...


              Below are all the Spa Services for 2010/ Salon Prices as well as a new bride promo!













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              #837 jszy10

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                Posted 06 August 2010 - 08:59 AM

                thanks so much for sharing!!



                and FYI:  I did find out that the resort photographer charges $160 an hour for additional photography time, so if you would like a TTD session (we am doing one the day after our wedding) those would be his rates.  Also, if you purchase a disc of pictures, he will include those photos on the disc.

                #838 angelov321

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                  Posted 06 August 2010 - 09:53 AM

                  Skadow, you must be a mind reader! I was actually going to contact Dulce today to get the prices for spa and salon. Thanks for posting!!!!!

                  #839 lilbuddha

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                    Posted 10 August 2010 - 04:33 PM

                    Has anyone had experience with Juan Navarro?  I have been researching photographers in the area and right now he is our front runner.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!!

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                    #840 jszy10

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                      Posted 10 August 2010 - 05:31 PM

                      I have never heard of him..can you find him on the forum anywhere?  I looked into Octavio Montes -- his work is very good and he is VERY affordable.



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