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#1691 jszy10

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    Posted 02 February 2011 - 01:33 PM

    :o( I'm sorry..I know that is not easy to get over.  I get upset when I think about the fact that my grandparents, who use to travel all over the world ALL the time, won't come to my wedding. They can absolutely afford it, and they are use to traveling...so its hard to understand why they wouldn't support me.

    #1692 adales

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      Posted 02 February 2011 - 01:40 PM

      We decided to have a destination wedding for a few reasons.  One of them being that I have always pictured myself getting married in a tropical location with the ocean behind me.  Another is that we would of had a 300+ person wedding if we did it here in California.  And lastly, we wanted to be able to spend a few days partying with our friends and family instead of just a few hours like a typical wedding.


      Whatever your wedding ends up being, just know that the ones who care about you the most will be there.

      #1693 SummerDawn

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        Posted 02 February 2011 - 01:46 PM

        Let's just hope once we get there we can forget about the people who didn't come!! Sorry your dealing with this now though... I will be right there with ya soon!

        #1694 sach26

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          Posted 02 February 2011 - 02:28 PM

          We're having the same problem with our closest family and friends. It Sucks! 16 booked so far, but none of his friends booked yet, and they are avoiding him, that's why he's very upset because he knows they can afford it. We'll be lucky if we have 20 people coming.

          #1695 sgray

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            Posted 02 February 2011 - 06:15 PM

            If this helps any, my dad actually decided not to attend my wedding. Initially, I was hurt. But I had to remind myself what the wedding was about. Not my dad acting childish...not my friends backing out at the last minute....it was about me and my husband. I can honestly say the people who chose not to attend did not cross my mind the day of the wedding. It was our wedding day and I made it about US...not them. I know its a little tough to deal with right now. But it will all work out in the end and you will have a magnificent wedding day and vacation. 

            I only wanted a few ppl 20-30 and I only cared about family and the bridal party.  But when its your supposedly best friend and another close friend (both bridal party) who you have always bent over backwards for and would go to the ends of the earth for and you realize they won't do it for u....it is a huge disappointment.  It's the ones I really cared about being there so it really sucks.  I know it will be great once we are down there with those who chose to make it but dealing with all this crap along the way isn't so much fun. 

            We actually only sent out 25 invitations (knowing well already that at least 10 of them were to people that weren't going to/able to come).  We actually chose a destination wedding because neither of us wanted a lot of people at our wedding.  It might sound awful, but both of us are from pretty big italian families, and neither my FI or I have ever once had the desire to have 100+ people watch us get married.  We only invited our bridal party and very close family to come, and are having a big AHR for that exact reason.


            If the numbers ever start to bother you, just think about the fact that you will have more time to celebrate and spend with the people who love you the most.  I know that is ultimately what we are so thankful for.


            #1696 sxcT

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              Posted 03 February 2011 - 08:14 AM

              Thanks Shalanda.  It is always good to be reminded of all these things that everyone has said.  As I probably mentioned a long time ago my dad and that whole side of the family won't be attending either.  So we are really hoping that the few ppl we did invite can make it and share in our special day.  I know none of this will matter once we are down there but getting to that point is the hard part.


              Thanks everyone for all your comments and suggestions.  I just gotta let it go an focus on the good fun stuff....like finding a dress, buying my bouquet and creating the centerpieces!! 

              #1697 angelov321

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                Posted 05 February 2011 - 11:20 AM

                We rented the Ipod docking station from J&S and we were pretty content with the tech. The only issue we had with him was that he didnt play all the songs we wanted him to play, however that was more of hubbys fault because he was in charge of the playlist and music. If you hired the full DJ then make sure you have Mitchell at your reception, he is the only one that speaks English. (if that matter to you) ;) We speak Spanish so we were fine that all the announcements and introductions were in Spanish.

                Originally Posted by adales 

                No outside DJ's.  I accepted Wilma and they said absolutely no outside vendors.   A photographer you can get away with and just pass them off as a friend or family member but a DJ would be too hard.  I booked one of their recommended DJ's.  J&S Audio Visual.  I hope he is good.

                Originally Posted by sach26 


                I'm booked for November 2011 at Aventura Cove. Where did you have your reception Sgray? Can we have outside Djs?


                #1698 SummerDawn

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                  Posted 05 February 2011 - 04:46 PM

                  How much is it to have the equipment and sound system for the ipod??

                  #1699 lilbuddha

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                    Posted 06 February 2011 - 07:01 PM

                    So excited!!! We hit 79 room nights tonight and counting!!! With 11 weeks to go! Planning for 4 days of partying leading up to our Cinco De Mayo wedding bash!!!:D


                    Invites go out this week!!


                    Mia & Pauly May 5th, 201163 guests + bride & groom.....and counting.

                    #1700 adales

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                      Posted 06 February 2011 - 09:13 PM

                      Congrats!  That is great news!!


                      Originally Posted by lilbuddha 

                      So excited!!! We hit 79 room nights tonight and counting!!! With 11 weeks to go! Planning for 4 days of partying leading up to our Cinco De Mayo wedding bash!!!


                      Invites go out this week!!


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