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Alisa- thanks for the info! I just bought some paper lanterns from the Dollar Tree today...I only bought one at first bc I wanted to first see how 'cheaply' made they were before buying more. I was actually thoroughly surprised by them...they look the same as ones in other pictures I see online. I am also doing the fuschia/tangerine color combo! Can I ask where you found the little colored lanterns? That sounds really cute...will you use tealight candles or the battery operated ones that look like a flame?? I'm thinking battery-operated bc wind from the ocean and candles doesn't mix well...

Originally Posted by adales View Post

When I asked my WC Cristina about this, she said that there will be tables and chairs set up for our welcome cocktail party we are doing.  I am bringing some decorations for it also.   I found small little colored lanterns for the tables that I am putting tea lights in.  Also, I am hanging paper lanterns in fuschia and orange.  I also ordered personalized coasters and I plan on doing a few signature cocktails.  We will also have apps served.  I would suggest doing your own basket if you are going to want one.


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I am also still undecided on all white paper lanterns, pink/orange, or a mix of the colors and white. I feel like all white gives more of an elegant look, but I also like the splash of color that you get from the colored ones...any thoughts?? I am so back and forth with it!

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I am having lanterns at my cocktail party at the Pandero Terrace and am using a combo of white and orange.  I too think the all white looks very elegant, but I wanted that pop of color!


Here is a pic from a previous bride with the all white at the Pandero.  I actually went as far as to put pictures of an orange lantern I found online scattered around the picture below in place of some of the white and decided it would look good.  Since all of the chairs and linens seem to be white, I think its nice to have that pop somewhere!



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oook...got an email back from Rebeca today clarifying what I CAN and CANNOT use my resort dollars for as far as the photography is concerned, and after much thought, I'm back to wanting my outside photog.  I just emailed Yesenia about getting the "exception" she discussed with me to get him "approved" as an outside vendor.  Wish me luck :oP


Here is the info for anyone else who might want it..


You can use your resort dollars for (using OLD rates, new rates are not valid for this):



(Ceremony & Family pictures)  
Photography C (24 pictures/black & white 4â€x6†+ album)  $           450.00
Photography A (36 pictures 4â€x6†+ one 6"x8" + album)  $           500.00
Photography B (42 pictures 6"x8" + album)  $           550.00
Photography D (62 pictures 6â€x8†+ album)  $           600.00
BASIC PHOTO PACKAGE  $           950.00
100 Color Photos 6x8 + Five 8x10 + Album  
(include pictures during the ceremony, Groom & Bride, Family  
session and 2 hrs during reception or cocktail)  
SUPERIOR PHOTO PACKAGE  $        1,250.00
100 Color Photos 6x8 + 24 photos black&white 5x7+  
Five 8x10 + Album  
(include pictures during the ceremony, Groom & Bride, Family   
session and 2 hrs during reception or cocktail)  
DELUXE PHOTO PACKAGE  $        1,500.00
150 Color Photos 6x8 + 36 photos black&white 6x8+  
Five 8x10 + Album  
(include pictures during the ceremony, Groom & Bride, Family  
session and 3 hrs during reception or cocktail)  
EDITED DVD - 40-60 min service (minimum 15min edited video)   $           500.00


Not included?  All of these...of which must be paid in cash or credit



MOMENTS TO REMEMBER (1hr service)  
ENGAGEMENT SESSION - 40 photos 6x8 +1 photobook 6x8(12 photos soft cover)  $        490.00
Pictures of groom and bride 1 or more days before wedding. Casual dressing.  
PRE-WEDDING SESSION -  40 photos 6x8 +1 photobook 6x8 (12 photos soft cover)  $        490.00
Pictures of rehearsal dinner, reunion or party 1 or more days before wedding.  
BEFORE & AFTER SESSION -  40 photos 6x8 +1 photobook 6x8 (12 photos soft cover)  $        490.00
Before: pictures getting ready in bride and groom room.  
After: Session at the beach after the ceremony.  
TRASH YOUR DRESS SESSION - 40 photos 6x8 + 1 photobook 6x8 (12 photos soft cover)  $        490.00
A style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with the environment   
(pictures at the beach, pool or gardens) your clothes are going to be wet.  
SUPER PREMIUM PACKAGE (3 moments to remember to choose)  $     1,250.00




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Ok...another update...  (this seemed TOO easy!?!)


I wrote Yesenia and told her that I wanted to use an outside photographer and who it was (Octavio Montes) and she simply replied:


Hi Jessica,


Thank you for the information. I have made a note in the system that you will be using an outside photographer. Please make a note you will have to purchase a wedding day pass for the photographer.


Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.


Thank you,


Yesenia Soler

Wedding Sales Executive



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Good luck!!  I think it will be fine.  I really think they just want to be informed.  It doesn't seem like they are trying really hard to prevent it -- at least not from my recent interaction with yesenia.

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Question re: cake - do you ladies have your fillings picked out yet? :)


Any recommendations from past brides? Do's or do nots? :) 




We had three layers - Bottom layer was carrot cake, middle was chocolate, and top was cheesecake.   All three were wonderful!!!   I am a Carrot Cake lover, and it might have been in the top three that I have ever had.

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Hi Ladies,


Ok so I am a couple days out from leaving.  I was wondering if any past brides had any opinions on the buffets that they offered.  There are so many and I know the food was amazing during our site visit but there are too many options!!  Any guidance would be appreciated.


Also, does anyone still have the 2010 price list they could email me?  Mia.Roberts.Esq@gmail.com


Wanted to also give you guys a heads up that I received a power point presentation from Wilma that had each event and the little details associated with it.  she even included a picture of each venue.  I would be more then happy to share it with you just shoot me a pm with your email.


I found it super comforting to see a recap and it gave me time to ask questions and tweak things a little. 


Hope you ladies are doing well!

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