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Hi Everyone,


My name is Kelly and we don't have our date set in stone as of yet but i'd really like to married on April 25th, 2009. I'm not a cutsy person but that would be our one year engagement anniversary but this way i'll only have to remember one date for everything! that's want i want, a consolidation of numbers :)


We are looking at Costa Rica and Mexico for our wedding. I love the Cabo area in Mexico but my fiance really wants to go hiking and do jungle-type tours so i guess Cabo's out for that. We are looking at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico for the beaches, water, and activities around the area. If anyone has any specific resorts that they loved/hated please let me know! i'm researching like mad and am spending so much time looking it's pretty much become a part time job at this point!





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Congratulations! I've never been to the Yucatan area, but 2 people have told me they had a great time at Dreams in Tulum...I think that's in the same area. One was a single girl who thought it was fun and filled with activities..just didn't like the rocky beach and had to wear watershoes. The other person is married with 2 young children, and they all loved it. In fact they couldn't get their kids to hang out with them during the day!

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