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Question to those of you with Cats.

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Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
OK Seriously this is weird. Did you guys adopt your cats? I was thinking maybe since Morris was found as a stray that he learned to eat wierd things to survive.
I have adopted lots of cats and you are right. Lots of strays but not all of them, no matter how young they are will eat anything. But I do have one stray that only likes the dry food, won't even touch the canned food. Some of them almost get frantic when they see the canned food come out, they want it so bad, even though the dry food is out all day and they can eat anytime. I have at least 3 cats who would eat donuts if they were sitting around!

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The cat I had when I was growing up was our own personal Garfield...he loved lasagna. He only actually got to try it once (a piece fell on the floor and the cat had it in his mouth before we could clean it up), but from that time on he knew the smell, and every time we had it for dinner he would go from me to my parents and my brother with his cute little face and try to sucker us into handing it over.


He also had a thing for pizza and chips...I swear he had radar for falling food.

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