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Hey ladies,


Just wanted to know if anyone got their std's done in Ottawa, ON??

Im not that crafty and I thought it would save me a lot of time and frustration!! :-) Especially if the price is worth it!




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I didn't use a printshop myself, but you might want to take a look at Papyrus on Bank Street. They have some beautiful products there.


Some of the bridal shops also do invitations, so you could try them as well. They'll probably charge an arm and a leg though, but they would be worth looking at for ideas.



Here are a few websites too that are Canada specific:


Canadian Wedding Treasures


Themed Canadian Wedding Invitations | Invitations By Dawn


and then there is this site that I just love, great for ideas:


Unique Wedding Invitations, Wedding Favors, and Accessories | Jean M


Good luck with your search, sorry I don't have any firsthand information for you.

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its all about Vistaprint!!

And they have insanly amazing prices! We just got 100 STD magnets for 29$. And yes, that included shipping to OTTAWA!!!


We took the slow delivery (21 days) but it arrived within 6 days!

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