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How do you take care of Cactus and Orchid Plants?

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#1 Alyssa

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    Posted 30 June 2008 - 09:06 AM

    i got a cactus garden as a gift and a huge white orchid plant recently and have no idea how to take care of them

    Any tips or advice?

    #2 ErinB


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      Posted 30 June 2008 - 09:11 AM

      Cacti are super easy. THe thing to be careful of with them is over watering. You can pretty much leave them in a pot and water them once a week and they are good - very low maintenance!

      Orchids are another story. I found this website to be helpful when I was researching orchids for the wedding. Care tips are along the left side. Orchid Care Tips

      #3 nikkianddean

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        Posted 30 June 2008 - 09:14 AM

        alyssa,this is a great question. I think I killed a cactus plant once, so I don't have any guidance here, but i am eager to develop my green thumb :)

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        #4 sassybride

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          Posted 30 June 2008 - 09:20 AM

          like Erin said, Cactus's barely need any water. Just be careful not to sit on it lol YES, I had a BIG cactus when I was a kid and fell on it bum first - it KILLED and my mom had to get the big needled out of my bum. Everyone was laughing but me! This cactus was HUGE!!! As for orchids I'm super bad with them. I over watered my last one and garbage it went..then I was told that I should of kept it cause even if the flower dies another flower will form.
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          #5 Alyssa

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            Posted 30 June 2008 - 09:21 AM

            ok good info so far!

            do the cacti need to constantly sit in the sun or is a little sun ok?

            #6 ErinB


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              Posted 30 June 2008 - 09:29 AM

              I think partial sun is fine. I had one that sat on my desk out of direct sunlight and it lived for years. I left it at the office when I quit so I don't know how it's doing now.

              They will become accustom to the light they have and adjust accordingly so you don't want to move it all over your house. If they are new plants, you don't want to place them in direct bright sunlight because they can burn.

              When you water, you never want the plant to go completely dry but you don't want to saturate the roots. See if you can find some sort of decorative stick (or a pencil) and stick it in the plant, all the way to the bottom. When you pull the stick out if any moist soil is stuck to it, you won't need to water. A lot will depend on the dryness of the air in the house and the amount of sun as to how quickly they will absorb the water.

              #7 Jenn3878

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                Posted 30 June 2008 - 10:06 AM

                I don't have a green thumb at all and have killed almost every plant that I have had with the exception of an orchid from FI when we first started dating oddly. My mom totally has a green thumb and LOVES orchids - she keeps them in the bathroom - they love light and the steam is great for them :) Hope this helps!

                #8 becks



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                  Posted 30 June 2008 - 10:10 AM

                  Orchids really aren't that bad. But people are afraid of them for some reason. I love them.

                  To water them, first make sure they are in a pot that drains. If not, repot them.

                  Then put them in a bowl, bucket, pot or just plug the sink. Run warmish water over them (they don't like cold water) and soak them. I run the water until the water level (as it drains out the bottom) is about 1 inch from the top of the pot. And then leave it for about 30 minutes. Take it out, let it drain and it's set for a week to 10 days. You can tell if it needs water because the pot will seem light when you pick it up. But never more than 10 days.

                  Also, when it's blooming it will need less water than when it's not. (They bloom during dry season.)

                  Also, they can use food once or twice a year, if you want. But you don't really need to. Soem people say it helps them bloom. Just get orchid food drops and you're set.

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                  #9 azhuskergirl

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                    Posted 01 July 2008 - 09:21 AM

                    partial sun should be fine for cacti. It really is hard to kill them. Just remember, wheneveryou think it should be watered, water it 1/2 that much. does it say what type of cactus it is?

                    #10 tvt

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                      Posted 01 July 2008 - 11:42 AM

                      I have a cactus garden that sits on the island in my kitchen.. doesn't get very much light at all. And I water it probably once very other month.

                      Living in AZ my florist friend told me "water your cactus garden as often as it rains" which is hardly ever! and when I do water it, it only gets a tiny bit of water.

                      No idea on the orchid! I would love to have one, but I'm sure I'd kill it!

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