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Prevent scarring?

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mederma and vitamin E oil both work well, and if those dont do the trick, curad scar therapy patches definitely work great. i have a genetic disorder that causes me to scar really badly so i have to be super careful, so i know the tricks of the trade when i do get a cut, right away clean and medicate with extra strength neosporin plus pain relief (not sure it really relieves pain at all, but i am convinced that the plus pain relief kind heals stuff quicker on me than the regular neosporin). once the scabs have healed, rub several times daily with the vitamin E oil or mederma. then if it still doesnt go away, use the curad scar therapy patches every night (you can cut them to fit the size of the scar so you dont use an entire patch at once, and they are a little pricey but totally worth it).

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