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Makeup Artist in PV for Darker Complexion

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I've made outreach to two makeup artists and both have said that not alot of black girls get married in PV so they don't specialize in darker complexions and may not have the make-up to support.


I'm fine doing my own make-up but would like to leave it to the professionals. I thought about flying someone in, but already doing that with the photographer and hairstylist, so I have to find someone to do it in PV and I'm hoping this thread leads to a few suggestions. feedback.gif


Let the search begin.



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Hi Kisa,


I'm Black as well, so I feel your pain. I think she should try Franc Gole or Sebastian. I'm leaning more towards Fran Gole because they have pics of their brides on their site and some are Latino and close to my complexion so it at least gives me a reference. I spoke them in great detail and they assured me they would have no problem with my hair or makeup. They specifically expressed to me that they have experience with Black women. Considering they also have a salon in Toronto (more exposure to our hair and skin type) it made more comfortable because as you mentioned not many black brides get married in Mexico.


I've confirmed with them and have asked them to send my pics of any black brides they may have or will work on prior to my date. If they send some I'll be sure to post them.


I don't know much about Sebastian and they don't have a site, but their info is:

Venustiano Carranza 202

Col. Emiliano Zapata

Puerto Vallarta, Jal

(322) 222-0331


Let me know what you decide!



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