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For Sale: Pink and Orange decorations; centerpiece holders, and twinkle lights

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Hey Everyone,


I went a little crazy buying decorations over the last year while planning my wedding in Seattle. Our plans changed and so my theme did as well. :)


I've got a BUNCH of decoration stuff for sale that will be sure to make your wedding BEAUTIFUL.


Pictures here: Picasa Web Albums - AshleyRose - for sale


Boxes of Christmas Ornaments

Orignally I was going to make a tree... but these would look great in a bowl or as decorative chair decorations. I have SEVERAL boxes of each (I think I have 50 some odd boxes total). I'll update this post after I've counted them all.


Each box orginally cost $10 dollars -- I'll sell them to you for $5


--Fuscia Festive Balls with metalic circles and beading

--Orange Festive Balls with metalic circles and beading

--Fuscia blown glass balls

--Fuscia drop oranments


Boxes of Mini Christmas Lights (100 light strand)


--I have 18 boxes at $2 a piece


Designer Wrapping Paper

I was orignally going to use the wrapping paper to make some decorations or wall hangings... but this would make GREAT paper to wrap OOT bag contents.


$2 per tube


--Metalic Pink with Silve Polka Dots (4 tubes)

--Orange, Fuscia, Red, Gold Stripe (4 tubes)


Centerpiece pots

These are so cute. There are several different patterns on these guys -- but I am sure they would take paint really well. I love the shape and the round ball stands. Would make excellent centerpiece pieces and they are durable (easy travel, no worries of breaking).


--I have 17 @ $3 dollars each



Shipping: I'll have you pay actual shipping costs. I'm in Seattle, so if you are local and want to come pick them up -- all the better!


PM me if you want more details!

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