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Hardest Workout since..... (long)

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#1 EricaG

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    Posted 26 June 2008 - 04:14 AM

    Today I had the hardest workout since.....well, possibly ever in my life!!!! I have been wanting to start bike riding again since I haven't done it in years, even though that and walking is how I used to get around through my younger years. Anyways, today my Mom calls to see if I want to go for a bike ride and I jump at the chance. After my son wakes up from his nap I get the kids ready and head over to my Mom's. Our bikes and the pully buggy thing the kids ride in are at my parents place. I cleaned the buggy thing out and got it all ready to go. I put the helmets on the kids and put them in the buggy thing, buckled them up and zipped the screen closed. Off we went.

    We were heading across town to go get my son's passport from the post office, and I barely made it about 6 blocks to the gas station. I thought I was going to have to turn back and tell some other girls that I am supposed to start biking with that I can't do it, especially with the kids!!!! During the last couple blocks before the gas station I looked down and noticed that the back tire of my bike was a little low, hence why we stopped at the gas station. My Mom was not riding fast, but she was waitin for me at the air pump. She was laughing at me inching along and I pointed to about 5 guys standing beside their motorcycles and said that I needed one of them! They laughed and said that if I wanted to go with them they had room. Not sure if I should be creeped out about that or not, and at the time I was to exhausted to even think about it. So I get off the bike to fill up my tire and notice that they changed the pump and you have to pay $0.50. WTF!!!! Well I didn't bring in $ with me as I wasn't planning on stopping anywhere to buy anything, so then we decided to go another 3 blocks to another gas station to see if they had air. I wasn't so sure that I was going to make it there either, but finally I did. I didn't see any air anywhere, but asked anyways. They do have it but it is hiding in the back room of the store and they have to unlock the door to get the hose out. That is when I realize both tires on the buggy thing are almost flat!!! Not sure if any of you have ever riden a bike with low tires, but it is a bit harder. Well, if you want an extreme workout, try having a low tire and pulling a buggy thing with 2 almost flat tires with 2 kids in it (32 lbs & 24 lbs).

    So now the tires are filled with air and off we go. What a difference that made! Holy Hanna!!!! It was still a workout, but nothing like the first 9 blocks. Then on the way back we saw that my FI was home from work, and since Justin had fallen asleep and there were some not so pretty clouds coming, I dropped him off. Hailey still wanted to go for a ride, so she stayed with me. I even noticed a big difference after Justin was out of the buggy thing, although I still had a couple of bigger hills to take with Hailey in the back.

    All-in-all it was a good bike ride and an excellent workout. We are planning to go again tomorrow!
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    #2 lscilley

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      Posted 26 June 2008 - 07:18 AM

      I also went for a bike ride yesterday and it turned out my tires were flat also and I was telling my FI that it was hard and he kept laughing at me saying I was a wussy. Good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks biking on flat tires is a workout I can't imagine trying to pull a wagon with 2 kids behind me I would have died! Good for you for making it all that way!

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