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OOT bag items *PICS*

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The bags are from Michaels, and the rest is from Wal-mart. The lotions were $1.00, Sunscreens $1.25, the Hand sanitizer $.50, the chapstick WITH SPF 2 for $1.00 tropical flavored gum .90 a 6 pack, and the magnetic "to-do" lists were .50 I am going to write on the cover of each one something like 1.Relax, 2.Drink by the pool 3. Lay out in the sun 4. Relax 5. Drink more by the pool 6. Flip over But they are tropical looking and I figured while emphasizing relaxation is great, and they can use it when they come home. I am also putting in my DIY welcome to Mexico brochure, and maybe a little something else. (I'm suuuure I'll find something else to spend $$ on LOL)http://www.boandandrea.com/assets/images/oot-bags/

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