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Amarillis' Boudoir Photo Shoot - Talk about nervous?

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Ok... so I started this in response to MissyR's thread about being nervous about her Boudoir Photo Shoot...and I realized that I may possibly be highjacking her thread... so I thought I'd be brave and start my own.


I recently did my boudoir photo shoot - I was not in favour of doing one, but then an opportunity to WIN one came up (on a Canadian Bridal Fourm)... The contest included submission of a story of why you should be chosen to win the shoot and the hair and makeup package. The condition of the prize was that it had to happen in the Greater Toronto area. I live about 6 hours away.


Reluctantly and with a lot of coaxing from my sister - I submitted my story to the photographer and believe it... I WON... no kidding.


I was so nervous - a photoshoot like this really is'nt in my character, and ESPECIALLY with someone I had never met - but I won... so I HAD to do it... plus the other girls on the forum were thrilled for me - and were very encouraging.


So... off to the big city I go to meet this photographer and makeup artist. We ended up doing the shoot at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Toronto - which is a fantastic boutique hotel.


Tania (the makeup and hair stylist) arrived around 2:30 and we immediately began working on hair and makeup.


Around 3pm Lisa arrived (as scheduled) and I forgot to meet her in the lobby - when she arrived Tania was about half done my hair and makeup. Lisa unpacked her things and scoped out the room to decide how the shoot would work.


Shortly thereafter - we busted out a bottle of champagne and this is where the laughing began - these two women (who were previously complete strangers) were absolutely fabulous, completely professional, and to my surprise I felt completely comfortable. In my underpants and all.


Tania is truly an artist – my face looked absolutely flawless and I couldnâ€t believe my eyes! Literally – my eyes sparked, and with the addition of a few false lashes the results were incredible! My hair was perfect! Seriously, I have never in my life looked this good!


We started the shoot in the black silk gown, and although I was nervous – the champagne was flowing and I felt great about the way I looked. Lisa gave wonderful direction and was full of compliments and that made the whole process feel very comfortable. Lisa was full of fantastic ideas, I felt like I was on Americaâ€s Next Top Model – ‘lift your chin…look to the ceiling…sultry… gorgeous!â€.


We then pulled out my vampy feather collection (a black feather bra, black feather skirted garter, black thigh high nylons, black boa, and killer BCBG stilettos), initially I thought this was a lot of skin… but slowly warmed up to it. There were feathers everywhere – that boa really sheds! Lisa, Tania and I had a good laugh when we decided that if you are ever to have an affair – donâ€t sport black feathers, they are NOT incognito!


Tania then took out the vampy up-do and let my hair down into big giant curls. The products she used smelled amazing and my hair felt really natural. Tania then retouched my makeup and added bold bright red lipstick! Not my everyday look, but I felt like a pinup girl.


The next outfit was the leopard bustier, matching boy shorts, fur stole and bronze stilettos. This was a very creative outfit, and after more champagne I found myself on the balcony of the hotel in this outfit. Lisa had some fantastic ideas using the mirrors in the closets, and did a fabulous job of ‘finding the lightâ€. Tania provided a ton of assistance and was steadily fixing pieces of hair and touch ups on lipstick and makeup.


At this time, I was very comfortable and having a fantastic time, Lisa then took the two top secret shots – one of me in my FIâ€s work shirt and another in his old leather hockey jacket (as discussed in my contest application) – these need to remain secret, as our last name appears on both articles. Nearing the end of the shoot we pulled out my FIâ€s wedding shirt (a Cuban Guyabera).


By the end of the shoot, I was having such a wonderful time, that we decided we needed to do the topless/jeans only shots. These really were fantastic – I added a bold necklace for a little kick and although I was apprehensive about it, they were really amazing.


Although I have said numerous times, that a boudoir shoot wasnâ€t really my speed, or within my character – this was an amazing experience – Lisa and Tania were absolutely fantastic – I really canâ€t find the words that would compliment their professionalism, skill, talent, expertise, and personalities. We had a blast. I feel so fortunate to have been chosen.


If any of you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot - My advice is DO IT!!!! Go all out - make a special trip to the lingerie store, and don't even think about skimping on the photographer or the makeup/hair artist!


The only downside is waiting until JANUARY to give this gift to my FI… I canâ€t wait to see the look on his face!


If you are brave enough to check out the photos...there is a selection of mine on Lisa's Blog.


Lisa Mark Photography


Ciao A.

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I LOVE your pictures! You look so natural and like you were really enjoying yourself!! How super duper excited is your FI going to behuh.gif

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