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My Riu TB Wedding 6/14/08

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Hey all!


It was amazing!! I didnâ€t want to come home!! Iâ€ve been crazy busy and I donâ€t have too much of a detailed report but let me know if anyone has questions! I just put info of stuff I would have liked to know before going but either way it was amazing and Iâ€d advise anyone to go to the same resort!!


Some of our friends beat us to the resort because of flight cancellations through Air Jamaica so it was a bit hectic getting the welcome bags together and getting them to everyone. I did leave some with the front desk to put them in their rooms and later found out that none of them got them. I had the guests pick them up from the front desk. That was easiest.


Met with Keneika, meeting went well since we had already planned everything out. She let me know at that time she had the day of my wedding off but sheâ€d call to make sure all was okay and she had a backup girl. Well the ceremony was at 4 and we were calling her backup at 3:45, 4, 4:15…she had all the flowers, etc. Finally met her downstairs (couldnâ€t wait in our room anymore) and we got down to the site and ceremony started right away close to 4:30. So Scott was freaking out a little! Ceremony went very well - we did a sand ceremony and all guests loved that!


After the ceremony Scott told me the minister wouldnâ€t let him look at any of the bridesmaids/groomsmen walk down the aisle, including me! Scott kept turning towards my dad and I and the minister kept turning him toward the ocean! When he finally let him turn around I was at arms length!! Very weird situation so tell your FI not to listen to the minister if this happens to you! One good thing though – our friends surprised us and had the whole thing videotaped by the Riu – turned out really well too!


Dinner: we did semi private for 50 people and it was in an outside gazebo – perfect!! It was so private Iâ€m not sure what they do for you if you pay for a private – it was great!



•I got eaten alive! I had over 60 mosquito bites all over me at one point – bug spray with DEET is a must (at least in June)! They were in our room so shake your curtains and towel slap them before you go to bed!

•If you or your bridesmaids get your hair done – know that they spray every inch of your hair with hairspray. It took all of us at least 3 shampoos and half a bottle of conditioner for it to start to feel normal again!

•Friends and family left inexpensive items at the front desk and requested they be delivered to our room (i.e. sunscreen (we were out) a bathing suit I left in a friends room) – We never knew and never got them! Same with the welcome bags!


If you do take Air Jamaica - know that you and your guests will probably be delayed on the way home - check before you leave your resort. We were delayed 6 hours to get back to Chicago - total hours in the airport: 7 hours!!


Either way it was all awesome and amazing! Many resort guests and staff knew us as the newlyweds so that was amazing feeling – met some really great people!


All in all the Riu TB Negril, Jamaica is a great place to get married! Wonderful weather, staff, hotel and Jamaica is paradise (on the resort of course)!!


Let me know if anyone has any questions about the Riu…Iâ€ll be busy planning a reception back home now! I kind of would like to be done but it gives me a chance to wear my dress again!!!!!!!!


I can't figure out how to upload pics - I don't have permission or something so if anyone can send a quick tip I can upload some...



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You have to use a host. Like Photobucket. Then just paste the img code in the message box :) and CONGRATS sounds lovely

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Congratulations! I am so glad to hear that your wedding went great, considering I'm getting married there on July 15. I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions.

1) What flowers did you get (and cost) for you and your bridesmaids?

2) What was the cost of the semi-private dinner?

3) Did you bring your own music?

4) Did you purchase a cake?

I would greatly appreciate your help!

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Congrats!!! Glad t hear everything went well... can't wait to see some pics! (I find photobucket the easiest... you just upload your photos into photobucket... then copy the IMG code and paste it in a thread)

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Welcome Back and Congrats!

Can't wait to see your pics...I was torn between RTB and ROR so I would love to see your pics.

I had thought I had heard it was going under construction there, did you hear anything about this when you were therehuh.gif

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