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Going to Tulum next week.....help!!

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Hi Ladies,


I'm going for my one and only scouting trip next week to Tulum. It's a last minute trip so I'm not very prepared yet. Any suggestions from more experienced scouters? I am making appointments to see Ana y Jose and another small place, Cabanas La Luna.


Does anyone know of other places on the beach in Tulum that are conducive to a smallish wedding?


Any suggestions on what to ask for at the meetings and what to bring (for planning)? I am going to try to do a tasting at each place.


Thanks for any and all info and help! I'll report back anything useful that I learn.



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I just saw your post and sent you a message! I too am researching tulum--the hotels are SO much different than any where else on the RM, and they are so my style =) I am also looking into Hemingway, Cabanas la conchita, Amansala, and Villa H20. I really like the Retiro Maya house and Posada Lamar, but theyw ould not be able to accomodate my 35-40 guests for the week. I look forward to hearing back from you! Hope you have an amazing trip =)

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