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funny and sweet wedding quote from SNL

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so i was watching SNL (because i have since like 1984) and they had a skit where a drunk best man was giving a toast and of course being inapropriate like most toasts end up being hahaha)


anyways he said at the end of his speech "50% of all marriages end in divorce..... and the other 50% end in death... here's to hoping you die"


now at first you think that was funny... then...wait that was rude... THEN.. if you really break it down and think about it its really kind of sweet. because thats what the vows are right? "till death do us part"... who doesnt want to grow old together and be a couple until death...


SO to all you soon to be and just married couples on here... "i hope you die together"



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That is a riot! And yeah... something just... hmmm... but so funny!

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