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My bridal shower...

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Yesterday was my Bridal Shower! Everything about it was a surprise except the date. My bridal party (of 7) and our moms made it so beautiful - they had it at a Cuban restaurant that is an old converted Victorian mansion and they took over the beautiful white Verandah's - it was gorgeous!


It was such an amazing party and a great day in general.

And before anyone freaks out - there are pictures coming!!!!! i will update the title of the thread once I get some pics from friends, family and Danielle!


Some highlights...


· One of my Bridesmaids hired our very own BDW Bride who happens to be a Pro-Photog Danielle Dbld78 to shoot Pro Pics at the Shower. It was so nice to meet Danielle in person and to have someone from BDW there!! Danielle is the sweetest person, she makes you feel so comfortable and is so un-obtrusive, she is a great photographer and an even nicer person. All of my family and friends were really impressed with her!!!! And it was so nice not to have to worry about snapping photos or if anyone else was capturing the memories…that was one of my favorite gifts!! (PICS TO COME)


· Family and Friends traveled from Germany, Canada, upstate NY, Maryland and some far regional distances so we had a really special group! To me that was priceless, all of these women there to support me and our marriage – I really felt blessed!


· We got a Canon PowerShot Camera!, all of our place settings, a ton of amazing and insanely generous gifts (it took almost an hour and a half just to open the gifts – it was so overwhelming!!!)


· My BM’s made me a very cool wishing well that was “Travel” themed with an beach bag in our wedding colors and a super cute over-sized ‘luggage tag’


· My mom made decorative boxes out of white chocolate that were on each table and held mixed nuts – they were so cool, most people didn’t realize that they were chocolate – then we told everyone and they started eating the lids – it was really funny.


· My FMIL gave me this really cute little story book she made about my FI growing up and my Mom did the same for my FI - they made me cry!


· FI, my brother and my Dad came at the end and FI wore the ‘bow hat’ and helped open the last couple gifts – that was super cute and I know Danielle got some good pics of him making fun of himself! HAHA


After, a lot of us went back to my MOH's house and ordered pizza and re-capped - it was GREAT! I feel so lucky to have so many great friends!!

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Alyssa your shower sounds absolutely perfect!


I can't wait to see your pics. That is awesome your BM hired Danielle.

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Sounds awesome! I love the book idea, my eyes welled up reading it, cuz it's such a touching gift. Glad Danielle worked out! I think she's great. Can't wait to see some photos.

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