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We Bought a House Today!!! I'm in Shock!

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Originally Posted by Leia78 View Post
Congrats Michelle! I love ranch style homes...the layouts is the best. John's aunt lives in Rancho Cordova too. I've been there a few times. Everytime we go, we always hit the outlets.

John and I want to move after we get married. Ideally we want to move to Walnut Creek (b/c my parents live close by), but the prices are just crazy high, that both of us would have to work so hard just to keep up. We sometimes throw Sac in the conversation b/c it's so much more affordable and we could get a brand new house, etc...we could be neighbors one day!!!!!
Oh you have family up here...cool. Yeah if you move to sac let me know!! wink.gif Buying now especially..there are so many good deals...but if you have to commute w/ gas...and toll fees I don't know. we went to an a's game on saturday and the bridge fee is $4 now....wow!

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Oh how funny...I am from Amador County...neighbor!! :) We may have seen each other at sporting events in high school! Small world! What town in the county? I grew up in pioneeer and then moved to Jackson before Sac...


I lived in Arnold and Angels Camp. I have friends that live in Pioneer. I can't think of his last name but his name is Dane. His little sisters name is Alyssa.

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