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I have a sick little girl

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Here I am wondering if I should bother to go to bed and get some sleep or wait until my daughter wakes up screaming again. Poor little thing. She is 3 years old and has a raging bladder infection. We sent a urine sample away today, but she is complaining of pain, she is running to the bathroom constantly, she has been peeing her pants at times, and sometimes makes it to the bathroom but pees all over the floor.


Once she was potty trained, she never had any problems with peeing the bed. I think she only had a couple incidents and she woke up right away crying that she had to go pee. Well, now she has been peeing the bed too. Yesterday she wet her panties and peed on the floor. She was so upset, so she went and got one of the pull ups we still have and put that on. We went out for supper and she didn't want to take off the pull up to go. Finally we got her back in panties but as soon as we got home she changed into another pull up. About half an hour after she fell asleep in my bed, she must have had a bit of a dribble since one of the shapes were slightly smeared, but not gone.


Today I got her in to the Dr, we did get some antibiotics for her since I had dipped her urine at home and told the Dr that it shows a bladder infection. Once the results come back from the lab saying it is an infection (probably Mon), then she will have to go for an ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys.


After I got her to bed tonight, she has woke up several times screaming and crying., and saying she is sick and she is burning up. I think that the Tylenol I gave her has kicked in right now, so hopefully she will sleep for a bit now. When she wakes up then I try to console her and I rub her back or her hair and I sing to her until she falls asleep. You just feel so helpless when they are sick sometimes. You give them Tylenol or other meds depending on what is happening, and just hope that it helps.


Well, I think that I jsut might try and get a few winks before the Tylenol wears off!!! Good-night!

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Poor baby, its so hard to see them ill and not be able to do anything about it to stop their pain. Just keep cuddling and singing to her. Hope she feels better soon.

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Hope you got a little sleep and the antibiotics are kicking in.


My 7 year old has had bladder infections. You need to be aware that your little one may be more likely to get them and keep her hydrated. Whenever my oldest doesn't get enough to drink during the day, I can see the symptoms starting. (I also have a friend with a 9 year old, same thing)


I make sure she drinks lots of water, sometimes with a touch of cranberry juice as well. She's a lot more aware now that she's older. But when she was younger, I would watch the color of the urine to make sure it was clear or pale.


When your daughter starts school, you need to make sure she has access to water breaks as well. Our school requires kids to bring large bottle of water for frequent water breaks so I know she's getting a lot.


Take care and rest up (both of you). My experience is that the first infection is the worst because you are aware of the symptoms and catch it before it becomes worse or develops at all.


Lots and Lots of H2O




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Oh no - poor baby! Sounds like you may have a small set back in potty training. It just hurts my heart to hear that the little ones are sick. Did you try a lukewarm bath? Maybe that will help. Knock on wood my daughter has never had a bladder infection, but poor baby has to be absolutely miserable. Forget the house today and just make her comfortable.

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I am a long-term sufferer of UTIs. I used to get them ALL THE TIME.


Some hints, (1) have her drink cranberry juice. (2) Lots and lots of water. (3) this is a last resort, and check with a doc first, but you should check to see if it's safe to use uristat on a 3-year old. It's an over-the-counter, low dose Pyridium (I think that's spelled right) which is an analgesic for the urinary tract. It doesn't cure the infection, but it will make the pain, frequent, and uncontrolled urination stop.


Good luck!!

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