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open bar?

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HI Everyone


1. I'm trying to get as much info like everyone else and i'm a bit confused on something. If this resort is AI then why is there a $10 a per charge with the



2. Has anyone done the Caprice Package?


3.If you do a private reception, do you know where it would be held and is there also room to dance after you eat?


Sorry for the 3 question, but trying to make it all work right for me and my bride.



The Groom

Heading to the ROR in April 09feedback.gif

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There is a charge for the bar because there isn't a bartender there normally at this time. I did the free package, so no help on that, and the private reception can be at the Seagrape, Pool, or Plantation... Not sure about the pool as I never saw it set up, but I know the other 2 you have room to dance.

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