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We just placed a deposit for our photographer... *drum roll please*...

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Originally Posted by JaimeLynne View Post
Awesome, who is your photog??

The next step for me is finding my hotel (unfortunately our first choice is booked so our TA (Tammy, host) is helping us look into other options), then sending out STD's with information packets. I've been trying to put off getting a dress for as long as possible because I tend to gain/lose weight fairly easily. It seems to come in cycles. Definitely not planning on going UP in weight tho! wink.gif

I would like to go ahead and get started on finding my BMs dresses though because one of my BMs is leaving for Pharmacy school in August.

I totally know what you mean! When I first registered on here (back in March of '07) I was the only '09 bride! We too started looking at photographers back then and couldn't get anyone to give us a quote so I understand your frustrations. wink.gif Amazingly, we've been engaged for just over 1 year now and the countdown is suddenly ON! You'll probably hear this a lot, but I can say from experience that it will fly by quicker than you think wink.gif My advice is to plan out who you want, what hotel you want, etc. etc. and then as soon as you possibly can - BOOK IT! Even though you're starting so soon things may quickly begin to start filling up as you get closer to that 1 year mark.

Btw, what does "gutted" mean??
hee hee gutted just means ragin or sad! i want to book now!!lol

Waw thats good to hear someone else joined this forum away in advance too! Now we have set the date, I just want to get everything organised and make the event perfect! Thats the whole idea of planning it 2 years in advance!hee hee

We have pretty much chosen everything tbh, its just the waiting game now for the hotel to be booked, then everything else can start getting booked to go with it!

Can't wait!!


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