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Friend's SEVEN Year-Old Has a MySpace!

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#11 Jessica

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    Posted 20 June 2008 - 06:32 PM

    Originally Posted by starchild
    That's just silly...does the kid have a cell phone yet? LOL Good job reporting her :P

    Whenever we have a kid they are going to hate us because they are going to have to live by the 70s/80s standards we did - do your homework after school, go outside and play tag until you are tired, come eat dinner, and go to sleep. Simple!
    I know someone who's 5 year old has a cell phone. FIVE!!!!! Just because Disney slapped some stickers on a cell phone doesn't mean you have to get your kid wrong.

    My friends tease me that I'm going to be a "mean mommy" because my favorite word is going to be "no." Which is only partially true. I mean, obviously I want my kids to experience a lot of different things and I want to encourage indepence and individuality and all that, but I'm totally going to set some serious limits. All this computer/cell phone/ technology bullshit is going to be a NO. You are a child. Go play outside and use your imagination! Or read a book. Climb a tree. Do something creative! No sitting in front of the computer all day.

    #12 Martha

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      Posted 20 June 2008 - 06:37 PM

      Jessica & Jamy~ I agree....Noah is going to hate us because he is not going to be allowed to veg out in front of the tv, playstation, or compuer. We were raised to play outside and have fun with our friends in person, not online.

      We also read every single night at bedtime...we all still do and this is something I definitely want to instill in my child. Unfortunatly Jay wasn't raised to read like I was, but hopefully he will rasie his child that way!

      #13 Maura


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      Posted 20 June 2008 - 06:44 PM

      martha i think i posted this before on an older thread jessica actually started, but my best friend has an adopted sister who is now about 14 and she has a myspace page. there were wildly inappropriate and provocative photos of herself that she took and posted on her page, and its just ASKING for a pedophile to come after her. my friend has talked to her mom about it so many times, but her mom is one of those moms that would rather be their kids' friend than a parent. it's really sad actually. my friend gets so frustrated that she cant do anything about it.

      #14 Martha

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        Posted 20 June 2008 - 07:03 PM

        That's awful, Maura. That's kinda how my friend is, but she would rather just not hear them whining than put her foot down. I do hope she would rage hell is her daughter ever out pictures of herself like that up.

        I now it's hard being a parent, but stuff like that should not be tolerated.

        #15 MikkiStreak

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          Posted 20 June 2008 - 07:36 PM

          Originally Posted by JessicaLovesBrian
          I share Glenda's hatred for Myspace personally.

          But no way in hell would my kid at 7 have a myspace page. No offense to your friend because I'm sure she's a great mom, but just because a kid whines for something doesn't mean they should get it.

          I'd personally love it if Myspace and all similiar sites lost their popularity before Aiden becomes old enough to navigate the interent.
          DITTO! Any site that allows the pages to be "private" unless invited is asking for parental problems... I understand why MySpace created that because in theory it should be used to PROTECT... but the reality is that when you give kids that ability, it's giving them license to keep secrets from their parents, and can put them in jeopardy.

          Audrey has one, and I've told her that she has to give me her login to keep on record. I signed up for a page just so I can see her page layout. she knows that in order to keep her MySpace, she has to always have me on her friends list and that if I'm online and see anything questionable on her site, that I'll log in as her and go thru everything top to bottom.

          I also keep her in line with her page by going on and leaving "embarassing" comments under the photos I want her to take down, etc...

          If her situation weren't what it is, I wouldn't even let her have a site. But everything else in her life is so damn controlled that if I can give her 1-2 "normal" experiences like internet, iPod and being able to call friends on the phone; then I'll try to make it work for her sake.

          But personally, i HATE mySpace and think it's pointless and a big waste of the internet.

          #16 vale

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            Posted 21 June 2008 - 06:45 AM

            I don't care how much my 7 year old might bug me, she won't be getting myspace or anything like it until she is much, much older. Me, FI and my other two children have it but they are 18 and 17. Even they know she isn't allowed to have anything like that. She's only allowed on the internet when we are around and she only plays on Barbie. Even when something comes up to join anything, she isn't allowed. 7 is far to young for stuff like that. As a parent I think you have to take the whinging and whining and still be able to say no, thats you job.

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