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Woman Sues Victoria's Secret Over Thong Injury

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Originally Posted by LC_Rachel View Post
LOL- the title of this thread is hilarious. It had my mind thinking for awhile. LIke did she bend over and OUCHIE- lawsuit for thongs that defectively go too far up your ass?

This story is just comical. I mean come on- she's the idiot that caused something to fly off and hit her in the face. Don't blame the thong.
OMG I just laughed so hard I think I woke Mat up!! lol

Originally Posted by Hartyt509 View Post
like i said head up her arse lmaomonkey.gif

Originally Posted by azhuskergirl View Post
I have no idea who this lady is or what she looks like, but my first thought is what size thong did she buy & was she asking too much of the fabric?? I've seen some people try to squeeze into sizes that they shouldn't even be looking at let alone wear. Either way, toss this crap lawsuit.
Amen to that sister!!! I have a friend who does that sometimes.. I'll try a shirt on & she'll try a size smaller than me even though she's significantly larger than I am... makes me giggle everytime!

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