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Azul Sensatori Brides - POST HERE!

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#2181 katken

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    Posted 23 June 2009 - 11:13 PM

    Thanks Allisa for the nice coments on the planning thread.

    I've finally finished my review. WARNING: It's long. The last thing I'm waiting on is my pro pics.

    Best wishes to all of you. Do not be nervous about the resort, your wedding will be fantastic!!


    #2182 ~Katie~

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      Posted 24 June 2009 - 04:05 AM

      Originally Posted by KittenHeart

      You have everyone booked! Oh how lucky! That's the hardest part :)

      Well as soon as I finish my passport invites I'll show you and if you need help I'll send you the template and whatnot. =)

      I definitely think part of the fun is doing all the crafts and projects for sure! I'm a planner and I'm already nervous about stuff so I'm doing it way in advance but that's fine, feels better that way.

      Hey Amy.

      Yeah it did feel very stressful! lots of trying to please everyone etc etc. but at least it's done now :) we wanted to get as many people as possible on the same booking just to make it easier for everyone. plus (god help everyone else) we will all be on the plane travelling together which I think will be a good laugh!

      I know what you mean! I'm a planner too and worry about everything so I really want to start doing something so I can stop worrying that I'm not doing anything lol going to try and investigate some art and craft places this weekend and see if it gives me any ideas or things I can use with some of the templates all the lovely people have put on here! (all the materials used were bought in America, so I need to improvise!)

      I really want to do one of those leaflets people on here have done too. and the goody bags. now I need to stop talking about it and actually start doing something!


      #2183 gemwhite2b

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        Posted 24 June 2009 - 08:16 AM

        I'm Novermber 27th 2009.


        #2184 love

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          Posted 24 June 2009 - 02:22 PM

          Originally Posted by katken
          Hey girls!

          First to answer a few recent questions. Yes, there is entertainment nightly. It's spotty in terms of quality, but it only lasts an hour or so and some is really good, some is not so good.

          Dress code: Le Chique is pants for men. All of the other places are pretty casual during the day, but no wet bathing suits. Men need to wear shirts. We never had any problems.

          ALSO, I've finally done my planning thread. My review should be done soon too!

          wow your gift ideas were really nice and you all looked nice, I really love the oot bag if u dont mind sharing can u please let me know were u got it from.
          Thanks and congratulations.

          #2185 Aneliese26

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            Posted 24 June 2009 - 04:10 PM

            Hi, Please can you add me, im getting married on 19th April 2010 Yay! Excited

            #2186 D&ESept2009

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              Posted 24 June 2009 - 05:08 PM

              I'm a September 5, 2009 bride, but somewhere I've been dropped of the list Please add me!

              #2187 Angelfish

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                Posted 24 June 2009 - 08:11 PM

                Originally Posted by OMT
                We just put a deposit down for Feb 14, 2010! I haven't been down to Azul Sensatori before but after hearing so much from you all and a friend of a friend who loved her wedding there, we decided to pull the trigger!

                I wanted to ask you ladies what your thoughts are on how many people you invited. We have a lot of family and friends that our parents feel like they need/want to invite, which is part of the reason why we chose Mexico, since we want a small wedding. Our parents just sent us their guest list and it comes out to around 350!! Our parents are making the argument that they know most of them won't come but it's making me nervous. I expect we'll actually get around 150 - which is the max we want/can afford.

                Have any of you delt with this? Any advice?


                I know how you feel about the guest list. My fiance and I are paying for our wedding and we want it small, close friends and family. We made our own guest list. The issue was more with my mother who wanted to invite EVERYONE, however, we are the ones paying for the wedding. I think its harder if your parents are putting up most of the cost and are willing to pay for those who decide to come. With our friend list, my fiance and I decided that if one of us did not know the other friend they were not going to be invited. Just a way to keep the list down. Also, if you are able to throw a small party when you get back for those that can't/aren't invited they may help in breaking the news to your parents. Good luck with everything...

                #2188 ~Nicole~

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                  Posted 24 June 2009 - 10:52 PM

                  Originally Posted by D&ESept2009
                  I'm a September 5, 2009 bride, but somewhere I've been dropped of the list Please add me!
                  ya i glanced at it quickly and noticed that its not the most current list. There are brides listed on there that have since changed resorts. I'll see if I can find the most up to date copy.
                  *Formerly Nikki07*
                  My Planning Thread

                  #2189 beckerba

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                    Posted 25 June 2009 - 09:41 AM

                    Hello! For any bride who has already been married at Azul, can you tell me if you felt there were too many weddings at the resort at the same time or during the same week as yours?
                    Bree and Nick
                    October 9, 2009

                    #2190 Meesh

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                      Posted 25 June 2009 - 03:21 PM

                      Dealing with the guest list we made 3 seperate lists to get us started.
                      The first list was the "Must Have" list, the second list was "Love to Invite" list, and the 3rd list was the "Would Be Nice to invite list." We also are paying for the wedding, so in our case we did not invite anyone on the 3rd list. We ended up inviting all of the people in the 1st list and a few in the 2nd list. We ended up inviting about 75-100 people and we had 40 book to come. It ended up perfect! We wanted a small wedding with just close friends and family, and that is what we have. Since we are paying for the wedding I didn't have to have too many conversations about my mother and father's guest list. We invited a few of the people on their guest list, but most of them are not coming. Maybe you could as your parents to divide their guest list into those 3 categories to get you started.

                      Also, FYI....I was surprised at how expensive everything at the resort is. Even the basic things are priced really high. I felt like I needed to have certain things due to the fact that people were traveling so far and speding so much money to come. That made our decision to have a smaller wedding much easier. :) Hope this helps. I know what a sticky subject that is.

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