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Azul Sensatori Brides - POST HERE!

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    Posted 04 April 2011 - 06:34 AM

    Maggie - How many xmas lights are you bringing and what is the length of each one?


    Originally Posted by MaggieandJay 

    Sound like you and I have about the same amount of people and I have a little less stuff to put out. I only have Table numbers, guest book, menu cards, laterns and Xmas lights. I will prepare for $150 and see what we can neogiate! Thanks for the heads up!!!



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      Posted 04 April 2011 - 07:32 AM

      There are many rooms that have a garden or pool view...not all of them will have an oceanview. If you google "azul sensatori map" you can get a layout of the property...which can provide you with more information on which ones have an ocean view.


      Originally Posted by popo28 

      hi girls! My planner told me that most rooms are ocean view and looking at the pics, the way it is set up it seems that it's all facing the ocean. Maybe if you are on a lower level you dont see it much because you have the pools and everything in the way...i donno.  I was also told that for an all inclusive it's not a HUGE resort and does have a more intimate feel. I also have a friend who went there last year and says that she loved it.

      I have a funny story to share:

      So ive been in wedding planning mode for a while now so I guess im past the initial stage where you realize "OMG IM GONNA BE MARRIED!"

      My FI on the other hand had this moment last night. I received the contracts and other paperwork form the resort. I needed my FI signature on one of the contracts. It was the funniest thing ever. He looked at the paper and it said "groom's signature" and he froze. He's like "Holy $%^&, thats me......" he was staring at he paper for what seemed like 10 minutes and about to sign but then he'd just make the signing movement in the air but couldnt bring himself to put the pen to paper. I was dieing of laughter. I guess I didn't realize that this was a big thing for him. I think he was sweating.

      Well the contract is now signed so theres no turning back lol


      67 Booked and counting!

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        Posted 04 April 2011 - 07:33 AM

        I have 6 strings of 100 bulbs

        Originally Posted by tundeneha 

        Maggie - How many xmas lights are you bringing and what is the length of each one?




        Maggie and Jay GOT married on May 15th 2011 at Azul Sensatori. Best International Wedding EVER!

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          Posted 04 April 2011 - 08:14 AM

          This link will give you a description of all the wedding packages.


          Hi Ladies,


          Does anyone have more information about the wedding packages, extras and the list for each one including private reception options? I've looked into their website but I'm having trouble finding where you can request such a thing. Does anyone have the email address for the wedding coordinators there? Or if you could please send me all information that you have to my email address at: k_morales84@hotmail.com it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much :)


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            Posted 04 April 2011 - 08:16 AM

            How was the bachelorette???? Inquiring minds want to know

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              Posted 04 April 2011 - 08:27 AM

              Alright, girls who were married here.... Any suggestions for photo spots?  I know the pier, Le Chique, the lobby, the bridge over the pool, by a palm tree, and I think I saw some type of cool carriage or something in one pic.  Is there anywhere else that is cool for pictures that I'm missing? 

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                Posted 04 April 2011 - 12:56 PM

                Jamie... sorry it took me a while to find her communication to me... just couldn't remember where I found her, but then remembered it was facebook!!!  I met her on the Sensatori page.  Here was her email to me on a few things....  hope she doesn't mind me posting.... I removed her name.SUBMIT


                Don't use Caribe photo is my biggest piece of advice...but I'll get into that later... The hotel was great- they made a effort to put the wedding group in the same building as we requested, the food was good and we didn't have any complaints from our guests. We loved the room they put us in- it was a corner swim-up suite in the family section (we have a daughter) right in front of the beach. We loved it. We did have a small problem with the toilet the first night but we called the front desk in the morning and someone was there within 10 minutes and it was fixed with 45 mins or so....
                They had had a week of rain before we got there so the pools were really cold which was disappointing for us as we chose that hotel on reviews saying the pools were great (review in July & August, I guess) but after having 4 days od hot weather, the pools warmed up and were really nice for the last few days there.
                I felt the wedding planning left a bit to be desired...If you are experienced in planning a wedding then it shouldn't be a problem as they were pretty good as following my directions but not very good at offering advice. They did make make a mistake on the groom corsage (wrong flower) but I wasn't very worried about that....We had a Sky wedding and it was beautiful but we had not met with the minister before hand and she mis-prounounced my name all through the ceremony. Also, we had legally got married in Canada before we left but none of our wedding guests knew that so I had made it very clear to our on-site wedding planner that we needed to sign documents and it need to look official etc. he assured me that we would and there would be a certificate etc. Well the minister did the whole ceremony without having us sign anything, pronounced us husband & wife and had us walk down the aisle. Afterwards, I went over to the wedding planner & reminded him that we were supposed to sign...so we went back to the table under the gazebo but the certificate was hokey and had no place for the witnesses to sign so they had the MOH & bestman just sign on the side which looks ridiculous. So that was disappointing for me. The decorations did look great and they followed my instructions perfectly for the centerpieces. The reception was pretty successful-The food was good and on time. But I had given my seating chart to the wedding coordinator and he didn't bring it to the reception. My friend who was sitting at the guestbook table asked him for it but he told her she was supposed to have it so my guests had to stand around until I got there and told the wedding coordinator that he had it then he went and got it. At the end of the night, we did have to take our centerpieces down ourselves which they didn't tell us until it was time to do it.
                The last part that was disappointing for me is we used Caribephoto (one of the approved vendors for the resort) and were really disappointed in his pictures (his name was Santos)....so bring your own photographer or be really careful about that....
                I couldn't believe how many photo's I had to touch up myself....removing blemishes, straightening out, cropping etc. Don't expect any sort of photoshopping or effects.
                He didn't get a picture of the bride & groom with the bride's family or of both families together with us...I had given him photos that I liked and he didnt do any of them except one tI reminded him about for but then it looked dumb because he didn't help us pose well. The most disappointing part was that in some of the pictures, the people looked really great but because Santos was not paying attention to the background, the photo didn't turn out well (ie, swing rope looks like it's sticking out of my head, curtain used as backdrop not closed all the way etc.) Anyway, over all the wedding was ok but wasn't the perfect day you hope for....and I didn't really hope for perfection as you know there will be gliches...they just messed up the 2 things that really mattered to me- the signing of the documents and the photos....
                Anyway, if you do get married there, I just thought you should know to watch out for these things.....especially your photos!!
                Good Luck & if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.


                Hope that helps!


                Let us know how your weekend was!!!!!!!


                Originally Posted by JaimeCF2BR 

                I'd be curious to see this girls full complaint?  I'm almost positive Azul uses the exact same certificate, its just for a symbolic its not a legal document. 


                Also, I'd say over half of the ceremonies they perform are symbolic, so its really not "pretending" for them.  A ceremony is a ceremony.  Maybe this girl made a bunch of changes to Azul's typical program which could have made the minister uneasy.  Especially with the language barrier. 


                Regardless, I really wouldnt worry about one girls complaint.  I trust all of the girls opinions/reviews on this forum far before anywhere else.  :)


                Back to a positive note... My Bachelorette Weekend starts in 1 hour!  Yay!!! 


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                  Posted 04 April 2011 - 04:23 PM

                  Thanks Maggie


                  Originally Posted by MaggieandJay 

                  I have 6 strings of 100 bulbs



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                  Posted 04 April 2011 - 07:07 PM

                  Originally Posted by TLGnhci 

                  Alright, girls who were married here.... Any suggestions for photo spots?  I know the pier, Le Chique, the lobby, the bridge over the pool, by a palm tree, and I think I saw some type of cool carriage or something in one pic.  Is there anywhere else that is cool for pictures that I'm missing? 

                  The day beds are fun for some shots. The carriage is in front of the Mexican restuarant. The large staircase up to the main lobby is stunning both day and night. The front lobby has some neat elements, and you can shoot from the 2nd floor down or up (spa is upstairs).

                  Really depends on what you want. We did most pictures on the beach, the swimup bar, and LeChique.



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                    Posted 05 April 2011 - 03:33 AM

                    Hello!  I have been lurking around reading posts here and there to keep up with everyone, but haven't had much to post, I am pretty ready!!  I can't believe we are in April already!  I am so excited and nerves kicking in now, about making sure I have not forgotten anything!!  My FI still has to hem his suit pants and I pick up my dress this weekend, so crossing my fingers it will fit perfectly!!  My travel agent (he is Karisma certified) sent us our room upgrade to the Premium swim up so I'm excited about that as well!  We will be at the resort April 20- May 4 so I know I will be there at the same time as a few of you girls, hopefully our paths will cross!  Just a little nervous about how it will go with photographer, we are going with Caribe, but that's who we booked so I think I will recruit my Aunt to follow us around and make sure photographer is taking the right pics etc.  After reading that last review I will have to be very alert and hope we get all the right pictures.  Thanks for the advice. 

                    Ok, just checking in and saying hi.  This forum has really helped me along the way for wedding planning and having a place to vent and get ideas, I just want to say thank you to all the brides on here who have given me advice and reassurance in this fun and often stressful time. 

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